Will IBM (IBM) make money in the Cloud?

IBM (IBM) is leveraging Red Hat’s Linux expertise to become a leader in multicloud applications, ZDNet’s Larry Dignan speculates. Multicloud is the use of multiple cloud-computing and storage services to host applications and store data in a single architecture.

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Can IBM Survive?

IBM could make money from the GRAF with global mapping of the atmosphere, selling better weather data, and offering better forecasts. In addition, IBM could build a worldwide open-sourced marketplace for weather data with GRAF.

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Is IBM (NYSE: IBM) Making Money?

Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) will bring a lot of value to International Business Machines.

For example, Red Hat possesses the world’s largest portfolio of open-source technology, Forbes contributor Panos Mourdoukoutas claims. Moreover, Red Hat operates an innovative hybrid cloud platform.

To add icing to the cake, Red Hat is well-respected in the open-sourced developer community. Thus, IBM gets access to a large pool of experienced open-sourced developers to extend its software reach.

For instance, IBM could utilize those developers in its work with blockchain projects like the Hyperledger. Beyond that Red Hat claims its Enterprise Linux delivers a 348% return on investment, 68% less downtime, and 26% faster development times. I doubt those claims, but they demonstrate the potential of Red Hat’s technology.

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What is the Stronghold USD Cryptocurrency?

The potential value of $1,421 that CoinMarketCap assigned to Stronghold USD on July 25, 2018 is purely theoretical. Investors should wait until the Stronghold USD Beta tests are completed to buy Stronghold Hold or Stellar Lumens (XML).

One obvious problem with Stronghold was that the only active markets for it are in Stellar Lumens (XLM). Coinmarket listed two coin pairs as “active markets” for Stronghold on July 25, 2018.
They were XLM/BTC (Bitcoin) and XLM/ETH (Ethereum). The XLM/BTC market was worth $1,363 less than the “Coin Price” of Stronghold on 25 July 2018. The only activity registered for XLM/ETH on the same day was $68. Therefore Stronghold’s Coin Price was purely theoretical and should be ignored by speculators.

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Is Stellar Lumens a Good Cryptocurrency Investment?

Therefore, Lumens is useless in its ultimate goal as a gateway to the financial system for the unbanked. Stellar looks more like a blockchain software solutions company than a platform.

This has translated into a lot of value for Stellar Lumens. The XLM had a Coin Price of 27.3¢ and a Market Capitalization of $5.123 billion on July 20, 2018. That produced a 24-Hour Market Volume of $142.18 million on the same day.

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Is IBM Making Money?

If it can be widely deployed the technology behind Project Debater will have numerous business uses. Those uses include customer service, telemarketing, polling, research, and advising lawyers or political leaders.

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Daneel Aims to Put Artificial Intelligence on Your Phone

Daneel is designed to you help make cryptocurrency investment decisions. The Daneel App will offer cryptocurrency news and signals, analyze market emotions, answer questions, educate you about the markets, aggregate your wallet, and make social media social posts about your trades.
Among other things, Daneel is supposed to “research, collect, and analyze all of the information on the web and the social networks.” The hope is to give everybody data intelligence about the crypto jungle.

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Bitcoin the Bubble Continues, Ethereum is a Value Investment

This makes Ethereum a value investment because its’ far greater than Bitcoin’s but its’ value is lower. It also demonstrates that most investors know little or nothing about cryptocurrency if they did they would be buying far more Ethereum.

Two groups that clearly understand the potential of Ethereum are Big Business and Big Banks. Many of those organizations are participating in the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, an open-sourced resource project designed to create and implement commercial applications for the Ethereum operating system.

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Walmart Brings Blockchain to the Grocery Store

If Walmart can roll out the world’s first blockchain-based inventory system it would be able to greatly reduce costs. That would make the company more efficient and ease the integration of online retail and brick and mortar stores.

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What can we learn from IBM’s Earnings Report?

Despite the revenue decline, IBM is still making a lot of money. It reported $11.83 billion in net income and a free cash flow of $3.533 billion on September 30, 2016.

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