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Daneel Aims to Put Artificial Intelligence on Your Phone

An initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO) designed to put artificial intelligence (AI) on your smartphone is scheduled to start on January 29, 2018. A company called Daneel plans to offer a personal assistant based on IBM’s Watson technology to the public.

Daneel is designed to you help make cryptocurrency investment decisions. The Daneel App will offer cryptocurrency news and signals, analyze market emotions, answer questions, educate you about the markets, aggregate your wallet, and make social media social posts about your trades.

Among other things, Daneel is supposed to “research, collect, and analyze all of the information on the web and the social networks.” The hope is to give everybody data intelligence about the crypto jungle.

Daneel Launches ERC20 Token via ICO

The Daneel team plans to raise funds by selling its DAN ERC20 tokens. The Ethereum-based DAN tokens will power the Daneel personal assistant.

Each DAN is supposed to be worth 29¢ or €0.25 (0.00026098 ETH). Interestingly enough Daneel plans to burn or destroy the unsold DAN Tokens at the end of the ICO to preserve their price.

Daneel plans to start taking subscriptions for its personal assistant in 2nd Quarter 2018. Some trading capabilities will apparently be made later in the year. The current plan is for Daneel to be made available as an Android and Apple IOS app in 4th Quarter 2018. That means it should appear in Google Play and the App Store at that time.

Daneel is a registered member of IBM’s PartnerWorld. PartnerWorld is a program that helps companies develop solutions with IBM (NYSE: IBM) technology. It seems to focus on artificial intelligence and cloud-based solutions.

Bringing Artificial Intelligence to the Masses

Daneel is an example of what will be one of the big stories of 2018: “artificial intelligence for masses.” Expect lots of solutions that will make cutting-edge AI technology available to almost everybody to hit the market.

This will be incredibly disruptive and change the investment industry beyond recognition. Investment advisors and brokers are likely to be among the next victims of technological unemployment if apps like Daneel work as advertised.

If you see your investment advisor driving Uber or delivering pizza in a few years, apps like Daneel might be to blame. Expect to see calls to ban or “regulate” artificial intelligence begin the world’s legislatures when “investment professionals” realize that their cushy jobs and big bonuses are threatened.

Daneel will be just one of many disruptive artificial intelligence solutions coming our way in 2018. Expect the havoc that they will wreck to be great. For more information about Daneel visit and read the Daneel whitepaper.

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Disclosure: your friendly neighborhood blogger holds a small position in Ethereum. Your blogger has nothing to do with Daneel even though his first name is Daniel. No, Daneel is not the author of this blog, although maybe it should start blogging too.