Is UPS Making Money?

Currently, I’m leery of both UPS and FedEx because of the danger they are in, in a changing retail market. Threats to these companies abound from both new businesses and new technologies.

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Is UPS Doomed or a Value Investment?

The financial figures also demonstrate that UPS might just be the best retail investment around because it makes a lot of money; no matter what retailer is winning the online wars.

A big opportunity for UPS is the ongoing retail apocalypse created by Amazon’s relentless expansions. Every time a brick and mortar retailer dies it creates more business for UPS because that store’s customers are probably ordering from Amazon or

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United Postal Service and the Value in Delivery

The greatest of these threats is the growing trend of retailers handling their own delivery. Both Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and Walmart (NYSE: WMT) have been experimenting with same day delivery. Walmart has even tested a service that uses Uber and Lyft drivers to make online deliveries from a local store.

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