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Is Visa Making Money?

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Is Visa the Best Value in Finance?

This allows Visa to make a small profit off of every altcoin transaction without taking the risk of directly investing in cryptocurrency. To add icing to the cake, even more revenue from altcoins might be right around the corner for Visa.

A Singapore unicorn called TenX claims to have created a Visa card that can automatically convert cryptocurrencies; such as bitcoin and ethereum, into fiat currencies such as the US dollar. A TenX Youtube video shows Cofounder Paul Kitti using a digital wallet to pay for burgers at McDonalds with Dash (Darkcoin) a lesser altcoin.

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Visa Keeps Growing and Growing

There seem to be no limits to Visa’s (NYSE: V) growth potential. The payment card giant’s revenues expanded by $690 million during the third quarter of 2016.

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Visa has a Big Problem

Those numbers indicate that Visa’s revenue growth; and perhaps its business model, is not sustainable. Particularly disturbing is the sudden; and inexplicable income, drop which threatens the whole value investment argument for Visa. This company might not be the cash cow that some of us have assumed.

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