The Facts About Online vs Offline Stores In 2018

Some of the biggest brands out there made the move to online retail a good few years ago, and although the infographic created by Red Brain shows they have had some incredible sales, it is nothing compared to what their sales are in their physical stores.

Although people appreciate a brand being online, they are not ready to see their favourite brands disappear from the high streets completely.

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Is the Walgreens Rite Aid Merger Working?

It looks as if there was little or no real planning to the Walgreen takeover of Rite Aid location. From my advantage it appeared that somebody at WBA headquarters forgot to tell the IT team.

Still it appears that Walgreen’s very professional staff is on top of the issues and more than capable of fixing them. Any problems that result will be temporary and get fixed, putting Walgreens in a much better position.

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The Retail Apocalypse is Alive and Well

Giving Walmart workers an extra $8 or $9 a day might have little or no impact on the economy. Walmart clerks can now afford to buy lunch at In-N-Out Burger; rather than at McDonald’s, how does that benefit the wider economy? Much higher wages will be needed for a real economic stimulus.

It remains to be seen if the $1,000 bonus and wage hike will have any effect on Main Street. Giving average families an extra $1,000 to pay off $1,000 of their credit card debt, might not do much for the economy. The average U.S. household now owes $15,654 in credit-card debt, Nerdwallet estimated.

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Retail Apocalypse Heats up 6,700 stores have closed in 2017

2017 has become the worst year for store closings in the United States possibly since the Great Depression. There is a strong possibility that the actual number of store closings might exceed 10,000. Such a number is possible because analysts like Credit Suisse may not be counting franchisees and mom and pop stores that will also be going under.

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The Ever Growing List of Doomed Retailers

Expect to see a mass die-off of sick retailers in January and February of 2018 as the dust from the 2017 holiday season settles. If it is anything like last year’s numerous retailers are likely to report losses and more than a few will shut down.

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Android Pay Now Supports PayPal, Discover and Visa Checkout

Among other things that means Android Pay is now accepted at all Walgreens (NASDAQ: WBA) drugstores, reported. It also means but Android Pay can now be integrated with Walgreens Balance Reward card program much like Apple Pay is. Unfortunately Walgreens was the only store mentioned in news stories about the new registers.

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The Retail Jobs Apocalypse is here

Hundreds of thousands of retail jobs are vanishing before our eyes.

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Walmart’s Secret Weapon against Amazon – Convenience Stores

Walmart Pickup and Fuel combines gas pumps, traditional convenience store amenities like snacks, ice and drinks and a pickup area for stuff ordered online, Business Insider reported. The emphasis will be on groceries but almost anything ordered through can be picked up at the stores.

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US Retail Sales Stagnant

Americans have become far more selective about their spending; and old-fashioned 1980s style conspicuous consumption and shopping for shopping’s sake is out. Americans are shopping less and spending only on the things they really need or care about.

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