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Medicaid Expansion

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How Medicaid Expansion can Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

Medicaid expansion will not eliminate every medical bill after an accident but it will reduce them. With Medicaid available many people will opt out of the hassle of filing insurance claims. Others will be less likely to fight insurance companies or dispute rejected claims.
Persons with Medicaid will be more likely to go to cheaper public hospitals and clinics that take it. That could reduce medical bills. Medicaid can drive down healthcare costs by mandating lower prices. Medicaid provides a steady stream of revenue that reduces the pressure on hospitals or clinics to raise rates.
A person whose medical bills are being paid by Medicaid will be less likely to call a personal injury attorney. Somebody who is not receiving collection notices from the hospital will be less likely to sue you.

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Surprise Red State Voters want more Medicaid Expansion

The popularity of Medicaid expansion demonstrates that Republicans need to change their tune on single-payer. Backing Medicaid-expansion is a good way for the Grand Old Party (GOP) to increase working class support, and block Democratic gains in Red States.

I have to wonder when the single-payer fan and Medicaid advocate in the White House is going to jump on the Medicaid expansion bandwagon. Polls from Red States are likely to convince President Donald J. (Trump R-New York) that is time to expand Medicaid to all Americans.

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Maine Voters Approve Medicaid Expansion

 A majority of voters in a largely rural state with a population that is 94.8% white supported Medicaid expansion. Maine is also a historically conservative and Republican state where 44.9% of the voters supported Donald J. Trump in last year’s presidential election.

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