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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche



Surprise Red State Voters want more Medicaid Expansion

The popularity of Medicaid expansion demonstrates that Republicans need to change their tune on single-payer. Backing Medicaid-expansion is a good way for the Grand Old Party (GOP) to increase working class support, and block Democratic gains in Red States.

I have to wonder when the single-payer fan and Medicaid advocate in the White House is going to jump on the Medicaid expansion bandwagon. Polls from Red States are likely to convince President Donald J. (Trump R-New York) that is time to expand Medicaid to all Americans.

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The Sanders Agenda: What Is It, and Would It Work?

The strangest thing about the Sanders agenda is that it does not go far enough. Sanders fails or refuses to address some of the major problems afflicting America today, including the high cost of housing, inequality in the public schools, lack of funds for local government, income insecurity, the pension crisis, student loan debt and the coming crisis in Social Security in Medicare.

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Long Ideas

How Medicaid Expansion Helps Walgreen and Hurts Dollar Stores

It looks as if Obamacare could be changing the retail landscape by expanding Medicaid. That expansion seems to be driving customers to stores with pharmacies and leaving traditional dollar stores high and dry. One wonders how long Walgreen can continue to profit from that upheaval and how long before Kroger, CVS Health, and Walmart Stores Inc. start expanding their Medicaid business.

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