What Value do PEG (PEG) and Bancor (BNT) Have?

PEG will be disruptive because it will allow large numbers of people to become cryptocurrency lenders, factors, and bankers by minting their own tokens. For instance, a factor who buys invoices from businesses could sell that debt by minting it into PEG or ERC tokens.
Hence, PEG will let anybody mine cryptocurrency, back it with fiat currency, and borrow money against it. Thus, a good way to think of PEG is as a “bank in a box” or a “bank in an app.” Instead, of going to a bank you will create a bank using app on your phone.
Moreover, it could be possible to use PEG and PEGUSD to link ERC directly to stablecoins via Bancor’s Liquidity Network. Thus, Ethereum platforms could convert ERC20, ERC223 and ERC771 Tokens into fiat currency in a few seconds or minutes.

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