Media Coverage of Moore Demonstrates why Christians need to be Very Afraid

The media coverage of Roy Moore proves that anti-Christian hysteria is pervasive in America and it is getting worse. The limited political power and influence people like Trump and Moore have achieved will be useless in the face of the sophisticated, well-organized, and well-financed anti-Christian hysteria that might be coming.

The best the Trumps and Moores can do for the Christians is buy them some time to prepare for the worst.

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Was Democratic Victory a Triumph for Trump?

These elections are problematic for Republicans because they indicate the Grand Old Party (GOP) cannot win without the name Trump on the ballot. They also indicate the number of Republicans who voted against Trump last year was tiny.

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Establishment Republicans Suppressing Trump Voters in Alabama

Voter suppression is now a threat to the freedom of all Americans regardless of race, religion, class, or color.
The real agenda here is clear: it is to keep anybody that questions or opposes the corporate power structure in modern America away from the polls.
It looks as if there is a deliberate plot to keep Trump supporters from voting in the next round of Republican primaries.

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