Automation could kill 11.9 Million Americans’ Jobs in Three Years

Technological unemployment could destabilize the People’s Republic of China, Bloomberg speculates. To explain, IBM predicts automation will kill 50.3 million Chinese jobs over the next three years. Thus, the People’s Republic will need to retrain 50.3 million workers.

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The Technological Jobs Apocalypse is coming, How Safe is Your Job?

If Brookings’ data is correct one out of four American workers faces a high risk of technological unemployment. Consequently, America could face an unemployment rate as high as that during the Great Depression in 2030, just 11 years from now. In detail, the highest measured unemployment rate in US history was 24.9% in 1933 at the height of the Great Depression.

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How many Jobs can Technology Kill?

Technological Unemployment will be far more widespread and destructive than most people expect.

1. Technology will kill large numbers of jobs over the course of the next few decades.

2. Technology will create vast numbers of new jobs over the next few decades.

3. Income inequality is likely to get a lot worse. There will be a lot more rich people and many more poor people around.

4. The destruction of jobs will lead to widespread cultural, political, social, and economic upheaval.

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Walmart plans store with No Cashiers

It looks as if the technological jobs apocalypse is occurring at America’s largest employer Walmart.
The world’s largest retailer has plans for a store where customers would simply take merchandise and walk out the door without stopping at a register, Recode revealed. Instead, cameras, sensors, and employees on the floor would keep track of purchases.

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More Proof that Technological Unemployment is real and it’s Happening Right Now

“Long story short, the middle of the labor market is disappearing,” Santens wrote. He envisions a new labor market in which only the highly-skilled and the low-skilled find work.

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