Musk Plans Hyperloop Subway in Los Angeles

If most commuters were traveling on the Hyperloop Subway it might be possible to demolish some freeways, and reduce the size of others. Just imagine how much nicer Los Angeles; or any other major city would be, if freeways were only for commercial trucks and interstate traffic. Far fewer lanes would be required, that will mean less maintenance, less smog, and lower taxes.

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Musk Proposes Hyperloop Subway between Baltimore and Washington DC

The long-term plan is for the Loop to connect Washington DC and New York City. That would involve tunnels under Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, and part of Delaware. Logically the line would be extended to Richmond, Virginia, Hartford, and New Haven, Connecticut, Providence, Rhode, Island, and Boston.

The Loop Project is a questionable one because Musk’s companies have no Hyperloop vehicles. There is a Hyperloop Test track at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California that has been used for competitions designed to test Hyperloop vehicles created by teams from universities.

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Musk Plans Hyperloop Tunnels

The Dos Equis beer ads are dead wrong; Elon Musk and not some guy with a beard is the most interesting man in the world. Just last week, Musk unveiled yet another revolutionary transportation system proposal and dropped bomb shells about Tesla’s electric semi-truck, gigafactories and autonomous cars.

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