Ford Kills Sedans, Who wins Toyota or Tesla?

The death of sedans makes Ford one of the best value investments in the auto sector. The company that put Americans behind the wheel is still a great value investment for the 21st Century.

Elon would be well advised to end Model 3 production and redirect Tesla resources to the semi, the Model S, the Model X, the Roadster and his plans for a pickup truck and a large SUV.

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Is Honda Making Money?

That means checking the sales and financial reports of Honda Motor Corporation (NYSE: HMC) is a great way to measure the economic health of the American middle class.
The Honda yardstick indicates the American middle class is doing well, American Honda broke an all times sales record for the third year in a row, a press release indicates. Honda sold 1.641 million vehicles in 2017, and some of its models including the Civic, CR-V, and HR-V hit sales records.

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Toyota’s Revenue Struggles

Investors would be well advised to stay away from Toyota; until it can get over its revenue struggles. My take is that Toyota could be setting up for a major fall in share price, because it cannot retain its revenue growth; despite the company’s size.

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