Is GrubHub Making Money?

All this points to a potential value investment because GrubHub is capable of covering its operating expenses with the cash it takes in. That points to a solution; which would be a fantastic value investment if it can be implemented a large scale.

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Walmart Expands Uber Delivery to Dallas and Orlando

It looks as if Walmart is actually beating Amazon in the delivery wars.

The discount giant has expanded its same-day service which was only available in Tampa and Phoenix to those cities, CNBC reported. Walmart customers in Denver are able to get orders delivered by Lyft, the article did not say if that service will be expanded.

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Grocery Delivery is the Real Reason for Uber’s Willingness to Unionize

The future of Uber might just be in retail and delivery, just as the future of supermarkets could be in delivery apps. That means, app-based driving will be the next frontier for unions, and the Independent Drivers Guild could one day be bigger and more powerful than the Teamsters.

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