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The Green New Deal Needs Hyperloop

The Green New Deal needs Hyperloop to succeed. Unfortunately, the agenda’s backers are ignoring the transportation technology best-suited to their agenda; the Hyperloop.

The Hyperloop is perfect for the Green New Deal because it could theoretically move vast amounts of freight and passengers at speeds rivaling jet airliners without generating greenhouse gases. To explain, the Hyperloop uses an electric motor and magnetic levitation; or maglev, to push a pod through a low air-pressure tube.

In detail, Hyperloop’s lack of air pressure could enable high-speed travel with no carbon emissions. We can keep carbon emissions low because a Hyperloop runs on electricity; which can we generate with solar, wind, or nuclear power. Thus the Hyperloop is the prefect technology for fighting climate change.

The Hyperloop is still in the research and development stage, but the scientific principles behind it are well-established. Hence, Hyperloop could be a perfect fit for either U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-New York) Green New Deal or U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander’s (R-Tennessee) Green Manhattan Project.

Why Hyperloop is a Perfect Fit for the Green New Deal

Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal outline includes plans to expand high-speed rail to a level where air-travel becomes unnecessary, NPR reports.

One Hyperloop line could achieve that goal by moving 164,000 passengers a day at speeds of 760 miles per hour, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT), claims. In addition, HyperloopTT claims one Hyperloop line could move 4,000 cargo shipments a day.

In fact, Hyperloop is theoretically three times faster than any high-speed rail system. To clarify, the world’s fastest high-speed rail system is China’s Fuxing Hao CR400 AF; which moves at speeds of 249 miles per hour, Conde Nast Traveler estimates

In contrast, Hyperloop could move at speeds of 760 MPH, HyperloopTT claims. Thus, Hyperloop could easily replace air travel between cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas or New York and Chicago.

Hyperloop could eliminate Airfreight

In addition, Hyperloop will wipeout the airfreight business in the Continental United States. The Hyperloop will destroy airfreight because it could theoretically move far more freight at higher speeds and a lower cost than planes or trucks.

Thus, Hyperloop could eliminate vast amounts of greenhouse gas emissions by sending hundreds of airliners to the bone yard. In addition, Hyperloop could greatly reduce the need for diesel-burning trucks and locomotives to move freight. An added benefit will be to reduce congestion by getting thousands of cars and trucks off the highways.

Hyperloop is a Massive Infrastructure project

Finally, like President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s (D-New York) New Deal of the 1930s the Green New Deal will be a massive infrastructure project. A successful Hyperloop will be a gigantic infrastructure project as large as the  Interstate Highway system.

For example, a Hyperloop between Los Angeles and New York will require tunnels, bridges, dozens of stations, hundreds of miles of tube, and dozens of power plants. Hence, Hyperloop could generate billions of dollars in economic stimulus and create thousands of jobs which is one of Ocasio-Cortez’s goals.

Hyperloop is also a Perfect fit for the Green Manhattan Project

Moreover, Hyperloop is a perfect fit for Alexander’s “Green Manhattan Project.”

To explain, the Manhattan Project was the massive US government effort that built the first atomic bombs during World War War II. Alexander is proposing a “Manhattan Project for clean energy” as an alternative to the Green New Deal, National Public Radio (NPR) reports.

Specifically, Alexander wants to increase federal spending on energy research. In particular, the Senator wants to spend more on next-generation nuclear reactors, carbon capture, and fusion research.

Hyperloop fits in well with Alexander’s plans because it could provide large-scale, long-distance transportation without generating Greenhouse Gases. In addition, a vast amount of research and development will be necessary to make Hyperloop a reality. Thus, Hyperloop is a perfect candidate for the Green Manhattan Project.

Why are Politicians Ignoring Hyperloop? Elon Musk that’s Why

Hence we need to ask why are politicians ignoring Hyperloop if it is a perfect fit for their plans.

First, there is Elon Musk, who began the modern Hyperloop fad. Musk is a nut, a narcissist, and an egomaniac who faces accusations of racism, sexism, and union busting. In addition, Musk likes to do stupid things like selling flamethrowers and feuding with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Predictably most media coverage of Hyperloop centers on Musk and his questionable Hyperloop efforts. However, the two main Hyperloop efforts; HyperloopTT and Virgin Hyperloop One, have nothing to do with Musk. Unfortunately, neither of those efforts has a colorful celebrity egomaniac spokesperson, so “journalists” ignore them.

Sensibly, politicians want nothing to do with Musk and his madness. However, his involvement drives support away. In particular, no politicians wants to associate with “Elon Musk’s Hyperloop.”

Hyperloop could Kill Jobs

Second, the Hyperloop is just so different from any existing transportation system most people do not understand it. In particular, Hyperloop is not a train, a car, or a plane which makes it hard to grasp and explain.

Finally, Hyperloop could kill vast numbers of jobs. For instance, a successful Hyperloop will put most airline pilots and many truck drivers out of work. To explain, nobody will fly from New York to Chicago when Hyperloop is faster and more convenient. Thus, many pilots will investigate the job opportunities at Uber and Lyft if we build Hyperloop.

Hyperloop Needs a Champion who is not Elon Musk

Understandably no Democrat will support any technology that could wipe out tens of thousands of union jobs. In addition, Republicans want nothing to do with job-killing tech, out of fear of losing working-class white votes.

Under these circumstances, I predict it will take the involvement of a powerful political figure who believes in Hyperloop to make it a reality in the United States. For instance, America built the Interstate Highway System because President and former general Dwight D. Eisenhower (R-Kansas) supported it.

In other words, Hyperloop needs a champion who is not Elon Musk. Hence, I advise HyperloopTT and Hyperloop One to invite Senator Alexander and Representative Ocasio-Cortez and every other politician to visit their test tracks. If just one major political figure like AOC becomes a Hyperloop fan, the technology could become a reality.

All an American Hyperloop needs to become a reality is a champion in Washington. Thus either the Green New Deal or the Green Manhattan Project could make an American Hyperloop a reality.