Why I fear the Democrats’ Jobs Guarantee

I fear the Democrats’ jobs guarantee because it will severe the connection between productive work and employment.

To explain, the jobs guarantee is the proposal that the government provide every American with a good-paying job. Disturbingly, the jobs guarantee is all the rage in the Democratic Party today.

Notably, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York) is running for president on a jobs guarantee. Plus media darling and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) makes the jobs guarantee part of her ridiculous “Green New Deal.”

Democrats’ Job Guarantee will end Productive Work

Ultimately, a jobs guarantee will transform our definition of employment by making jobs an entitlement.

To clarify, the government will have to provide jobs whether there is a need for the positions or actual work available. Hence, the government will create vast numbers of meaningless jobs.

Examples of Democrats guarantee jobs include picking up trash; or raking leaves, in the park and making copies at government offices. Other guarantee jobs could be shelving library books or make coffee for government workers.

Work will become Meaningless under Democrats’ Jobs Guarantee

Quite probably, many of the guarantee workers will never do a lick of work. Instead, they will sit around and play video games while collecting a government paycheck.

Under those circumstances, work will become meaningless. Moreover, there will be no incentive for anybody to work hard, or strive.

For instance, a high school student will ask his guidance counselor, “why should I work hard or study in school? When I graduate there is a high-paying, no-work, no-brain government job waiting for me.” Ultimately, those are the values of the jobs guarantee.

The Democrats Jobs Guarantee is pointless and Unnecessary

Notably, America is close to full employment, Bloomberg claims. To explain, full employment means they employ everybody who wants to work – even if the jobs are unnecessary.

Thus there is no need for the jobs guarantee. Instead, the issues in America are income inequality and wage stagnation. In other words, we have plenty of jobs, but they do not pay enough.

Hence, instead of creating meaningless jobs nobody wants, Democrats should concentrate on raising the pay of average Americans. Therefore, Democrats should fight for basic income or a higher minimum wage than a jobs guarantee.