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What does the future hold for self-driving cars?

By Evie Harrison

From 2012, when Google brought its first driving cars to roads for test runs, we have been waiting for driver-less cars that will take us anywhere we want, just like the Aladdin magic carpet.

While self-driving cars still look like a plot from a sci-fi movie, they are very much real! Tesla, General Motors, Google, Amazon, Fiat, Toyota, Ford, and many other top carmakers are already working on self-driving cars. Some of them have promised to bring a completely autonomous car to the market as soon as 2020. This is a HUGE claim, and we can only wait and see how many of these car markers succeed in doing what they claim.

Level-3 Cars Available in the Market

For those who don’t know much about self-driving cars, it would be enough to know that these cars can run on their own without the need of a driver. There are six categories of the self-driving cars ranging from 0 to 5, where 0 means regular non-self-driving cars and 5 means completely autonomous vehicles that can drive on any terrain without human intervention.

Current technology has allowed us to reach Level 3 in which a driver is required on the driving seat and may have to resume control if the conditions for self-driving are not appropriate. And, the self-driving cars coming to the market in the next few years will be level-3 self-driving cars. This means drivers are still required.

People Have Died Because of Self-driving Cars

Unfortunately, people have died because of self-driving cars in the past.

Most of the time, it was because the owners felt that they might not have to watch the car functions actively and this led to accidents. In one case, the self-driving car was not able to discern a tractor from the sky, and that led to the accident.

Experts on Self-Driving Cars

Experts have mixed views on self-driving cars. Some of them say that these driver-less cars will completely take over the market in the next few years. Others say that these driver-less cars are not going to get a significant share of the market until a few decades.

Experts have mixed views on self-driving cars. Some of them say that these driver-less cars will completely take over the market in the next few years. Others say that these driver-less cars are not going to get a significant share of the market until a few decades.

What People Think About Self-Driving Cars?

People are afraid to even sit in these cars. According to AAA’s annual autonomous-vehicle survey in 2019, almost 71% of people said they are afraid to sit as a passenger in driver-less cars. The primary concern of these people is the control of the car being given to a robot that can make errors.

Another report by CivicScience, a market intelligence and consumer insights company, gave similar results. According to this report, most of the consumers said that self-driving cars need to show better security standards if they want to enter the market. The survey brief said that the thinking of most people changed after the life-taking accidents in which the Autonomous Driving Systems (ADS) technology was involved.

ADS developers have, however, confirmed that they are continuously working on upgrading the self-driving system. They have added new braking mechanisms to the cars and more sensors that can detect humans, animals, and immovable objects during the cruise.

Benefits of Self-Driving Cars

Although self-driving cars may take some time to enter the market, they offer benefits across a range of areas.

Assistance to driver

The self-driving system is going to revolutionize the truck industry. Currently, a truck driver in the USA has to go from California to Florida and cover almost 4,000 km.

This is a hectic job, and many truck drivers often fall asleep during driving, which leads to accidents. The self-driving mechanism will be of great help to these drivers as it can assist them during the drive and alert them in case of any major issue.

More free time

Similarly, the ADS system will help the driver get more free time that they can use to interact with other passengers or do something else. While we have not achieved the technology where we can get this freedom, but the time isn’t far when this will be possible.

Better cruise control

Since road networks have become advanced and cars have become much more efficient, more people will be likely to use roads rather than air to travel after getting ADS enabled cars. While people can buy any car they want, more are now focusing on getting ADS cars that can help them in regular chores.

Enhanced Business

Transport companies can use self-driving cars to enhance their business and expand their reach to further areas.

Most transport companies deliver goods through truck convoys. These truck convoys can be used with ADS systems in which only the first truck will have a driver, and all others will follow that truck. This will reduce costs, enhance efficiency and lead to better business.

Rent Out Cars

Another benefit of self-driving cars is that they can be rented out to companies like Lyft, Uber, Careem, and others. Most of these companies are also working on their technology to enhance ADS systems. Once these systems are accessible, users can rent out their cars even without drivers to earn from them.

Anyone Can Drive

Finally, the best part about self-driving cars is that they can be used by anyone to reach their destinations. Today, people have to wait for a driver to drive a car if they don’t know how to drive themselves. But with a self-driving car, they will only be limited to steering wheels – which they may need to manage sometimes.

Final thoughts

Self-driving cars will still take some time to enter the market. But they are a BIG possibility and can have a massive impact on how we live and commute today.

Author Bio:

Evie Harrisonis a blogger by choice.  She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences and express herself through her blogs. Find her on Twitter:@iamevieharrison

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