Did Working Class Whites Really vote for Trump?

Whites without college degrees made the largest group of voters 44%.

Whites without college degrees make up around 33% or one-third of the likely Democratic voters, a March 20 Pew Research Center Poll concluded.

Whites without college degrees made up around 30% of the electorate.

Exit polls overestimated the number of whites without college degrees at 37%. This was probably because some whites without college degrees lied about having one.

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Good and Bad Basic Income

Something to remember is that a hungry man has every incentive to kill, pluck, and cook the goose that lays the golden eggs.
America is full of hungry people who are getting little or nothing from the current economic order.
They have no reason to preserve it, and every incentive to vote for extremists that would wreck our economy.

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Meet the first Basic Income/Luddite Presidential Candidate

Yang comes across as a kinder and gentler Generation X version of Trump.
Yang might be the breakout Democratic candidate of 2020. Even if he does not win, Yang is certainly in a position to disrupt the Democratic primaries and possibly knock out some serious mainstream contenders like former Vice President Joe Biden (D-Delaware) or U.S. Senators Kamal Harris (D-California) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York).
. Like Donald J. Trump, Andrew Yang is a sophisticated but improbable candidate that has a strong chance of reaching the White House.

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Media Coverage on Trump Affairs is both Troubling and Hypocritical

The most disturbing aspect of the media’s behavior can be summed up by one important yet simple question: “Where was this story during the election?” Notice that vital question is absent from all the media coverage of those affairs? Why?

The media’s coverage of Trump is utterly disgusting, and disturbing. First the self-proclaimed journalists deliberately ignored; and perhaps covered up, the man’s obvious character flaws in a way that was deceptive to voters.

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Surprise Democrats are winning by Acting like Republicans

Lamb’s victory is the product of a new Democratic strategy that we’re likely to see all over the country this year. The strategy is hardly original, but it is effective and proven.

There is no compromise; no moderation, and no shades of grey, just all-out war on the other guys. Republicans have been following this strategy for decades, taking hardline positions on issues like gun control and abortion and winning loyalty from large segments of the populace.

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Some Congressional Races to Watch

A victory by de Leon would be a death knell to the moderate Democratic establishment and a swing to the left in the party. The race is likely to get expensive because under California’s system Feinstein and de Leon will face each other in the June 5 open primary and the general election in November.

A fascinating outcome of this race would be that de Leon and Feinstein could split the Democratic vote, and provide an opening for a Republican to reach the Senate from California. Another game-changing factor is Feinstein’s health, she’s 85 and looking increasingly frail, so the Senator might drop out any time.

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Gallup Poll indicates almost half of Americans support Basic Income

The survey points to looming class warfare in America. Americans with college degrees; who are likely to be in the middle or upper class, oppose UBI. Those without college degrees; who are more likely to be working class, favor it.

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Does Trump Really want a Trade War?

A number of interesting conclusions can be made here. The first is that Trump thinks the U.S. might be able to win a trade war against Europe but not China. He might believe that the USA can get concessions from the EU with tariffs, while China may be rich enough to ignore the tariffs.

The European Union is a weak alliance that is plagued by economic stagnation and reeling from Brexit. The Peoples Republic of China is a strong unified state and the world’s second-largest economy.
The Chinese have one other edge in a trade war that might prove crucial. The People’s Republic is an authoritarian regime with a Leninist government. Neither Xi Jinping nor the politburo has to face reelection. They might be able to win a trade war by simply waiting for the next U.S. election.

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Game Changing Election Brewing in Texas

O’Rourke’s success might start a paradigm shift in the Democratic Party and politics in general.

The most radical thing O’Rourke has done to is to campaign like a Republican. That is campaigning only to the Democratic base and making no effort to attract centrist or swing voters. This is a repudiation of the standard Democratic strategy of the last 50 years; which was to concentrate electoral resources the message on white middle-class moderate “swing voters.”

Conventional wisdom tells us that Beto O’Rourke cannot win in Texas, but that wisdom may no longer apply. Just two years ago, conventional wisdom told us Donald J. Trump could not win the Republican nomination or beat Hillary Clinton in the general election – he did both.

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Americans beware Obamacare is not dead

Medicare Extra sounds like a terrible deal for middle-class families. It would charge them higher premiums and deductibles for less health insurance.
Some Americans might end up paying higher premiums for less coverage under Medicare Extra. Worse, they would be forced to pay those premiums because the employer would be in a position to simply cancel its policy and enroll its employees in Medicare Extra. The program sounds like a great deal for companies trying to reduce healthcare costs and a horrible deal for families that need healthcare.
Many people could see their coverage reduced under Medicare Extra because any employer would be able to participate in the scheme instead of offering its own health insurance.

The problem with that claim is CAP’s proposal is neither single payer nor for all. Instead, it simply extends the Obamacare system and provides no means of controlling costs. Worse, it would pass those out of control costs onto working Americans and drive many of them into debt.

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