Kill the Filibuster something Trump and Progressives should agree on

The filibuster is the reason we do not have single-payer healthcare or greatly expanded Medicare right now.

Democrats wanted to implement a true national health insurance system instead of Obamacare, Franken wrote. They were unable to because they lacked 60 votes. Instead, they had to implement Obamacare; even though Democrats held 57 Senate seats back in 2010. Democrats had enough votes to create “Medicare for All” in 2010 – if there had been no filibuster.

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Trump is Clinton on Steroids, that’s good for Democrats

Donald J. Trump is simply a more extreme version of William Jefferson Clinton. Therefore Trumpism is nothing but Clintonism on steroids, which is very good for Democrats and bad for Republicans.

Clinton is a shallow self-serving opportunist with no real ideology or beliefs – like Trump. Clinton’s philosophy was one of doing whatever it took to win an election, just like Trump.

The damage from a few years of Trumpism is likely to be far greater because Trump is more corrupt, shallower, less ethical, less sophisticated, and less competent than Clinton was. Unlike Clinton; who merely played a racist on TV, Donald apparently really is a racist.

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Establishment Republicans Suppressing Trump Voters in Alabama

Voter suppression is now a threat to the freedom of all Americans regardless of race, religion, class, or color.
The real agenda here is clear: it is to keep anybody that questions or opposes the corporate power structure in modern America away from the polls.
It looks as if there is a deliberate plot to keep Trump supporters from voting in the next round of Republican primaries.

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A Simple Solution for Vote Fraud and Voter Suppression

The potential solution is so simple and straightforward it lends credence to allegations that the real purpose of the president’s commission is voter suppression. Even if the allegations of vote fraud were true, a national ID card is a logical solution.

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The Big Obamacare Lie and Trump’s Cynical Single-Payer Strategy

The most cynical and ruthless moderate Republican of all is President Donald J. Trump (R-New York). The real goal of his cannibalization of Obamacare is to force single-payer down Americans’ throats whether they want it or not.

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How Trump can Loose Congress for Republicans

Only 56% of self-described Trump supporters said they had a positive view of the Republican Party in September. That number was down from 76% in March.

Only 20% of rank and file Republicans approved of the performance of GOP leaders in Congress in September. That number was down from 39% in January.

Only 31% of Trump supporters said they back the Republican leadership in Congress.

Only 39% of all Republicans said they backed the party’s leadership in Congress.

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America’s Destructive Housing Crisis

The housing shortage is likely to become an issue that will reshape the political landscape. That’s already happened in the United Kingdom, where observers think far-left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will become Prime Minister in the near fut

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Is Trump a “Cultural President” and is that good for Democrats?

Trump has given up on the notion of legislative or political change and adopted the role of the cultural warrior in chief, As a culture warrior, Trump’s mission is to attack any Republican that veers from his party line not build consensus.

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What Bret Stephens gets wrong about the Second Amendment and Gun Control

The right to own a gun comes not from the Second Amendment, but from a 2008 U.S. Supreme Court decision in a case called District of Columbia v. Dick Anthony Heller not the Second Amendment. All the Second Amendment grants is a very vague “right to bear arms.” Lawyers and constitutional scholars have been arguing about the meaning of that phrase since the Amendment was written.

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“Resist” tells us everything that’s wrong with today’s Democrats

Resistance is exactly what the Donald wants because it fuels his image of being a powerful president, rather than a weak and incompetent failure (which is what he is).

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