Capital One Keeps Growing

Another opportunity for Capital One investors is all the hysteria about banking being doomed.

The truth is that retail banking is doomed but banking has a long future ahead of it and Capital One will be a big part of it. Capital One’s future is bright because of the extensive business it does on line. It might be in a better position to cash in on the growth of online banking and app-based payments.

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Capital One Consumer Finance Comes Back or Does It?

Another lesson we can infer here is the big growth in online banking is going to established players like Capital One, and not to upstarts such as Bank of Internet (NASDAQ: BOFI). That makes Capital One a good growth stock in financial services and fintech, but is it a good investment?

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Capital One: Is it the Future of Financial Services?

My take is that Capital One’s cash and revenue will grow for the foreseeable future because it is well placed to take advantage of the trends in modern banking. In particular, it is in a good position to offer such next-generation solutions as payment apps and online loans.

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