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Tesla Battery Farm made $800,000 in a few days

Tesla Energy’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) gigantic battery farm in South Australia has proven itself and lithium-ion battery storage technology big time.

The 100 Megawatt battery farm built from Tesla Powerpacks at Jamestown, South Australia generated $1 million in Australian dollars ($800,000 USD) by recharging itself from the grid, Electrek reported. The farm receives around $1,000 ($810.93 USD) to charge itself each hour, Renew Energy revealed.

The farm operated by Tesla and Neoen can make up to $14,000 ($11,353.02) a Kilowatt Hour by selling that electricity back to the grid. That technology proved itself during the week of 15 January when a coal-fired plant went offline. The Powerpacks put out a short burst of electricity that “normalized” the grid.

This is the second time the South Australia facility has made the news. Last year, Tesla and wind-energy provider Neoen made headlines by completing the project ahead of schedule in less than 100 days, according to Electrek. The farm stores electricity generated by a nearby wind farm owned by Neoen.

The battery farm; which can store 129 Kilowatt hours’ worth of electricity and has been described as the world’s largest battery, certainly proves the Powerpack technology. If the Electrek reports are true, such battery farms are a value investment and Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK.B) will soon be teaming up with Tesla to build more in the United States.

Tesla Triumph may Justify Blockchain based Electricity Solutions

The Tesla success in Jamestown seems to justify two blockchain based electricity retailing solutions.

The Australian Power Ledger and Romania’s Restart Energy are planning to offer utility tokens that represent a charge of electricity. Restart’s MWAT or MegaWatt Token is supposed to represent 0.11kilowatt-hours worth of electricity when it is first launched. Power Ledger’s POWR token is designed to make peer-to-peer energy trading possible.

Tesla’s Powerpack technology combined with Power Ledger and Restart Energy’s Ethereum-based tokens might lay the groundwork for a next-generation electricity market. Investors seem to believe in these solutions, even if some energy experts are skeptical.

Restart claims to have raised $30 million USD through its presale and is planning a token generation event in the future. The POWR ERC20 Token achieved a Coin Price of $1.01 USD (0.00096152 ETH), a Market Capitalization of $367.769 million USD) (349,811 ETH), and a Market Volume of $25.552 million USD (24,304 USD) on 26 January 2018, Coin Market Cap reported.

It looks as if commoditized electricity is the future. Smart investors might take notice and start buying into those companies poised to capitalize upon it.