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How to Market to an Urban Target Audience

Urban audiences can represent a major part of any company’s marketing strategy, as they have a huge share of the overall market. This is especially true as more Americans move towards major cities.

In order to help you to target an urban audience, this guide outlines five key tips. Read on below in order to get your business speaking to an urban audience and increase your profits in the process.

Understand Their Needs

Before you can start marketing to an urban target audience, it is essential that you actually understand what they need first. This is why it is very important to do all of the necessary market research.

Send out an open call on social media for feedback and take what the urban audience has to say into consideration. By doing so, you will then be able to target your campaign with their needs in mind.

Use Social Media

Urban audiences tend to trend younger, which means that they are far more likely to be on social media. Be sure to have a presence across all four major social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn — in order to market correctly towards a younger audience.

If they are very young, for example, members of Generation Z, then it would make sense to have a TikTok account. Make sure to hire a social media manager who is relatively young so the language used in social media posts reflects that which you would see young people actually posting online.

Use Their Language

Urban areas often have their own slang terms that have a specific meaning in the areas within which they are used. This is a great opportunity for your company to co-opt their language for branding purposes.

Just be sure to run market testing before using any slang in order to make sure that what you say hasn’t already gone out of date! Often slang is subverted and can end up having another meaning to that you might be intending.

 Cool Branded Clothes

Branded clothes are an awesome way to set your brand apart. Make sure to have a wide range of merchandise, such as hoodies, new era caps, tracksuits and T-shirts that can truly show off what your brand has to offer.

Once people start wearing these clothes, simply by wearing them when they walk down the street, they will start to do the marketing for you. For a great selection of branded clothes, check out the selection available at

Cast Their People in Adverts

People like to see themselves in the products that they are buying. This is why, when running an advertising campaign, it’s important to do an open-call casting specifically asking for people from that community.

For example, if you are marketing towards a more Latino-heavy audience, be sure to actively look for Latino actors to take part in the advert. Also, be sure to take their ideas on board in order to make the advert feel authentic as opposed to you simply pandering toward this demographic.