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How to Promote Your Business Overseas

Businesses that operate online are in a prime position to expand globally. The steps you need to take to reach global customers with international shipping options are few.

This means that even the most local business can scale in order to sell products to people all across the world. But you’ll need those global consumers to find you and to see your products. In this article, we’ll share how you can best target a global marketplace with billions of consumers, expanding the reach of your business overseas.

Social Media

One of the best ways to cross-regional divides is to promote your wares on social media. Many social media stars and influencers have an international fanbase. These stars are regularly found to be promoting brands from across the world, which then sees a huge uptick in their sales across the world. You can do exactly the same by working with influencers you believe will draw in sales.

Outside of Instagram, where most modern-day influencers operate, your business should consider setting up social media pages in different languages. This will help residents of countries read about and understand your brand. Be careful to use an accurate translation when setting up these pages so that your business looks professional and as if it’s ready to sell in these new regions.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing takes place on the world wide web – a global marketplace of people, ideas, and products. But it’s still something that tethers your website and your brand to a region, seeing as the majority of your digital marketing material will be going out in English. While English is spoken by a large portion of the world’s population, it’s not what people in Spain or India will typically be searching into Google. For that, they’ll use their native tongue.

As such, your digital marketing needs to take a different approach. With the help of international marketing experts SEO Ibérica, you can begin to make smart moves online in order to be found by an international audience that’s searching in different languages and regions. This is a great step to take to boost your international traffic to your website.


Finally, no overseas expansion would be complete without working with a partner in one or several of the countries that you’d like to target the most. There are two ways to partner up that can see you sell far more products overseas. The first is to find a regional salesperson who will take charge of your sales in a different country and manage your approach to expansion.

The other option, which can be more profitable and less stressful, is to attempt to forge links with prominent overseas retailers. If you’re able to do this, you’ll find that you can sell hundreds or thousands of units to a single buyer, who will then retail your products locally – saving you cash on shipping and saving you time chasing individual consumers.

There you have it: the three tips you need to know if you’re planning on promoting your brand overseas in the second half of 2021.