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Hyperloop TT forms joint venture with Port of Hamburg Operator

Hyperloop TT has entered a joint venture to build a Hyperloop system to move cargo containers at the Port of Hamburg. Importantly, Hamburg is the largest rail port in Europe.

Specifically, Hyperloop TT; or Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, is forming a joint venture with Hamburger Hafen und Logistik Aktiengesellschaft (HHLA), a press release indicates. The joint venture will integrate containerized cargo with Hyperloop.

In detail, the universal port of Hamburg moved 45.4 million tons of general cargo in the first half of 2018. Moreover, the Port of Hamburg handled 4.3 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) of containerized cargo in the first six months of 2018. 

Is HyperloopTT planning a line between Europe’s Port of Hamburg and China?

To explain, HHLA is the largest container terminal operator in the port of Hamburg. Hamburg is one of the world’s most important ports. For example it sits at the European end of the New Silk Road; or Road and Built Initiative, the Chinese government’s proposed rail link between China’s industry and Europe’s markets.

Notably, Hamburg could serve as a point for loading containers from China onto ships bound for the Americas and Africa. Hence, the Port of Hamburg is a logical terminus for a Hyperloop line between Europe and China.

However, no details of HHLA’s proposed use of HyperloopTT’s technology are available. HyperloopTT is the crowdsourced company that is building a Hyperloop test track in Toulouse, France.

On the other hand, a successful Hyperloop freight operation at the Port of Hamburg could be a model for ports around the world. Therefore, Hyperloop could be the future of containerized cargo. Watch this project carefully because it could be the key to HyperloopTT’s future.

Hyperloop Unicorn Arrivo is dead

Predictably, the imbecilic Hyperloop startup Arrivo is dead. In fact, Arrivo dismissed all its employees in November and ceased operations in November, The Verge reports.

In detail, Arrivo was the company trying to develop a Hyperloop freeway that would move cars through a Hyperloop tube. I think that is a dumb idea because a Hyperloop train will be cheaper, faster, and more efficient.

Moreover, Arrivo was founded by over-the-top former SpaceX and Hyperloop One cofounder Brogan BamBrogan. Notably, BamBrogan left Hyperloop One after a feud with that company’s equally loony founders the Pishevar brothers.

Fortunately, BamBrogan has been unable to get any funding for his nutty ideas. In addition, Arrivo’s plans to build a test track near the E-470 Toll Highway East of Denver are also dead, The Associated Press reports.

Under these circumstances, movement of freight and mass passenger transport are the logical uses for Hyperloop. Hopefully, BamBrogan’s imbecilic notion of Hyperloop freeways will stay dead.

Obviously, companies like HyperloopTT are on the right track when it comes to Hyperloop development. I hope these organizations can find the money to develop this technology to its full potential.