Hyperloop TT forms joint venture with Port of Hamburg Operator

Notably, Hamburg could serve as a point for loading containers from China onto ships bound for the Americas and Africa. Hence, the Port of Hamburg is a logical terminus for a Hyperloop line between Europe and China.

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Hyperloop One will build Research Center in Spain

That might mean Hyperloop One will conduct the tests at its facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company might also be planning to test components at the track its archrival Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT) is building in Toulouse, France.

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China Hyperloop Plans Unveiled

“We envision that Hyperloop will play into a bigger role of the Silk Road Economic Belt, connecting the region to the rest of the world,” Dirk Ahlborn told the China Money Network. “China spends over US $300 billion annually on infrastructure to address their rapidly growing urban populations.”

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Is Hyperloop Coming to Ukraine?

It sounds as if the Ukrainian Hyperloop might have Chinese backing.

“Ukraine is at the crossroads of the New Silk Road transportation corridor and we can expect Hyperloop to play a major role in connecting Europe and Asia,” HyperloopTT Chairman Bibop Gresta said in the press release.

The New Silk Road is a transportation corridor across Asia that would the European Union with the People’s Republic of China. The project would follow the historic Silk Road which connected the Chinese Empire and the Byzantine Empire in Medieval times.

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Hyperloop Construction planned in Abu Dhabi and Brazil

It looks as if HyperloopTT might be the leader in the race to build a commercial Hyperloop. Its competitors; Hardtt Global Mobility, Virgin Hyperloop One, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX and the Boring Company will have a lot of catching up to do if the press release claims come true.

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Hyperloop Test Track under Construction in France

One thing is obvious; Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has found some serious financing.

The most likely source of that money is the French government, another is the aerospace giant Airbus SE (EPA: AIR); or Airbus Group, which is headquartered in Toulouse. Airbus would presumably manufacture the Hyperloop pods which would be similar in construction and design to an airliner.

This might make HTT the most serious and best-financed Hyperloop effort. Those seeking a Hyperloop stock would be well-advised to take a look at Airbus because the company is publicly-traded.

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SpaceX and Tesla Test Hyperloop Vehicle at 220 Miles per Hour

One has to wonder what will happen when the other two companies with test tracks Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) and Hardt Global start testing their systems. Hardt has a high-speed Hyperloop test track at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. HTT is building a test track and a passenger pod in Toulouse, France.

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You might be able to live aboard the Hyperloop

Nor would it be hard to imagine other traveling amenities such as a Hyperloop Store, a Hyperloop Hospital, Hyperloop offices or a traveling Hyperloop Post Office. Mail would be sorted in the moving Hyperloop Post Office; while the Hyperloop Hospital would take surgeons and operating rooms to patients. The Hyperloop Store would be a travelling emporium or showroom that would move from town to town.

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A Low-Cost Hyperloop Stock: AECOM

There is a way an average person can invest in Hyperloop without putting hard-earned money into risky propositions like the

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Five Ways you can invest in Hyperloop

An interesting investment would be to buy buildings, land or old houses in older cities that might be connected to population centers like New York via Hyperloop. A great example of such a city is Pueblo, Colorado, a decaying steel town full of old houses that is just 114 miles south of one of the nation’s most expensive markets; Denver.

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