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You might be able to live aboard the Hyperloop

It might be possible to live in a Hyperloop Pod that travels all over the country; or the world, someday.

The Hyperloop Hotel; a pod that people can live, in was designed by Brandon Sierbrecht – an architecture graduate student at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. The idea was so visionary that it won the 2017 Radical Innovation Award for the best new idea in hospitality, reported.

The Hyperloop Hotel would be built of used of shipping containers converted into “suites” that travel through a Hyperloop network. It would travel to destinations where permanent amenities such as swimming pools might be available.

Sierbrecht has proposed a hotel system that would connect 13 U.S. cities; Denver, Chicago, Austin, Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City, Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, Seattle, Santa Fe and Washington D.C. He hopes to expand the system to Europe and Asia as well.

The Hyperloop Condo

Even though Sierbrecht describes the system as a hotel, it is not hard to imagine it as a Hyperloop condo in which people would live fulltime. The condo would move to where the people want to go, for example to Vail for skiing, New York for a play or Miami for the beach.

Nor would it be hard to imagine other traveling amenities such as a Hyperloop Store, a Hyperloop Hospital, Hyperloop offices or a traveling Hyperloop Post Office. Mail would be sorted in the moving Hyperloop Post Office; while the Hyperloop Hospital would take surgeons and operating rooms to patients. The Hyperloop Store would be a travelling emporium or showroom that would move from town to town.

These ideas are hardly original, until the 1950s it was common for the wealthy to travel on private cars attached to trains. The U.S. Post Office operated Railway Post Offices; in which mail was sorted on trains, until the 1970s.

The difference is that Hyperloop would be a lot faster. It might allow professionals; such as salespeople or actors, to travel the country without leaving home, and senior citizens to move their retirement homes around- without clogging the highways with motor homes.

There’s no word on if or when the Hyperloop Hotel will be constructed because Hyperloop itself has not been tested for people yet. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is building the first Hyperloop passenger pod in Europe. Hyperloop One is constructing the first full-scale test track in Las Vegas, an even that inspired Sierbrecht to design his hotel.

If all goes as planned many of us might be living aboard the Hyperloop in a couple of decade. That will change the world and society completely and show what a truly transformative technology Hyperloop is.