You might be able to live aboard the Hyperloop

Nor would it be hard to imagine other traveling amenities such as a Hyperloop Store, a Hyperloop Hospital, Hyperloop offices or a traveling Hyperloop Post Office. Mail would be sorted in the moving Hyperloop Post Office; while the Hyperloop Hospital would take surgeons and operating rooms to patients. The Hyperloop Store would be a travelling emporium or showroom that would move from town to town.

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Hyperloop One founder launches Own Company

BamBrogan did not say if he had hired anybody else or raised any venture capital. Arrivo is far behind Hyperloop One which had raised $50 million and was planning to raise $160 million in October. Hyperloop One has already identified potential routes and is planning a full scale test of its technology in April.

Arrivo is also lagging between Hyperloop Transportation Technologies or HTT which is planning to create a research and development center in France. News reports indicate that the crowd-sourced HTT has raised around $35 million and gotten land rights in a number of locations.

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