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I no longer lose Sleep over my Hosting

Like a lot of bloggers; I thought there was no good alternative to GoDaddy out there, until I stumbled upon TD Web Services or TDWS. TDWS is a small, but highly professional organization based in Europe.

A friend recommended them, but I was highly skeptical; because like a lot of website operators I have been burned by hosting services in the past. In particular, I was sick and tired of paying a lot of money for hosting and ending up doing all the work myself, or worse having to pay freelancers to do things that the hosting company should have been doing.

Then I got set up with TDWS’s Managed WordPress Hosting package and I was pleasantly surprised. They not only created a great-looking blog, but made my site look far more professional. You can see the results right here at Market Mad House.

I finally have a site that I’m proud of, and not embarrassed to refer clients to. It actually looks far better than many of the sites operated by some giant media companies.

Concentrate on Your Core Business – not the Site

More importantly, all I now have to do is create the content and post it to the blog. I no longer have to spend time trying to design or build a page two functions I know little about. Instead I can concentrate on what I enjoy and do best – writing.


If you want to stop worrying about your blog or website and start concentrating on your core business functions, you owe it to yourself to visit TDWS. They have comprehensive packages of solutions available for almost everybody ranging from simple blogs to complex online stores, and they all look great.

Best of all, you’ll be free to concentrate on your core business, because you will not have to worry about the site. It will up and running all the time and it will look great.

I no longer lose Sleep over my Hosting

Most importantly, I no longer see all the emails about the site being down popping up in my inbox. Nor do I have to worry about hackers and other security breaches, which are sadly enough quite common when you use larger hosting services such as GoDaddy.

If you are ready to take your ecommerce or blogging to the next level, you need to checkout TD Web Services and their Managed WordPress Hosting. I did and I’m happy because for the first time in years, I have a blog hosting solution that I’m not losing any sleep over.

Best of all, I now have a hosting solution that I’m actually happy to work with and proud to refer others to. If you’re looking to upgrade your site or set up a new blog a visit to TDWS’s website would be time well spent. Whether you’re building an ecommerce site or simply seeking better blog hosting, their experts can help you get a professional site you will be proud of up and running fast.

Disclosure: the owner and operator of Market Mad House received compensation for this post.