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Restart Energy Aims to use Blockchain to Democratize Energy

It is rare to find a blockchain company that reported $5.45 million in revenues in 2016 and claims to have 30,000 customers, but Restart Energy has.

Restart Energy is building a peer to peer (P2P) marketplace for energy designed to serve ordinary utility customers and democratize the energy market. The basis of that market will be the RED MegaWatt Token (MWAT), a cryptocurrency that is redeemable in electricity and natural gas.

If all goes as planned, a person would be able to buy MWATs and use them to pay his or electric or gas bill. Each MWAT is designed to be redeemable in a specific amount of electricity or natural gas. Utility customers buy MWATs at retail locations such as supermarkets, corner stores, ATMs, online, or through an app then redeem them for electric or natural-gas service.

Blockchain Company has 30,000 Customers

Currently, around 27,000 households and 3,000 businesses in Romania are using the MWAT Token to pay their electric and natural gas bills, Restart Energy’s whitepaper indicates. Around 40,000 payment locations and 300 franchises are selling MWAT Tokens in Romania.

Restart Energy estimated that its business will generate around $20 million in revenues in Romania in 2017. The company also put out a $100 million energy forecast for 2017.

Restart has attracted some impressive partners for its business including the Orange Telecom Dealer EuroGSM, InterBroker, GRS, and AMW. Customers get access to 12 online and offline payment methods at Restart’s website.

Token is designed to Democratize Energy

Restart Energy has a very ambitious goal; to democratize energy distribution around the world through a global P2P platform powered by the Red MWAT Token. The ultimate hope is to create a new ecosystem for energy distribution managed by the RED (Restart Energy Distribution) platform and powered by the MWAT Token.

The goal will be achieved in three steps; first by issuing the MWAT tokens, each token is supposed to be worth 10¢ and buy 0.11-kilowatt hours (kWh) worth of electricity. Restart’s white paper described MWAT as a “crypto token that works like a battery enabling the storage of electrical energy.” Persons who own the RED MegaWatt; or MWAT, Token will be able to make money by selling energy contracts through Restart’s Ecosystem.

The second step will be the launch of the RED Platform. The MWAT tokens power the RED Platform which will provide Peer to Peer (P2P) direct energy trading between consumers and producers and a finance solution for distributed small-renewable energy production.

Long-term plans include the sale of RED Franchises which will be the third step in building the global energy ecosystem. A RED Franchise enables business owners to sell electricity or natural gas to businesses and households in deregulated energy markets. If they work as advertised, the Red Franchises would generate passive income and new business opportunities for merchants.

Restart Energy MWAT Token ICO Planned

The really interesting thing about Restart Energy is that it has a proven business model. Restart Energy even claims to be the European Union’s fastest-growing energy provider and the fastest growing energy company in Romania.

A public sale of the MWAT Token is planned for January 15, 2018. Restart’s trading platform; the RED-P, will be launched sometime after the Token Sale.

Once the RED MegaWatt Tokens are available, Restart will begin selling RED Franchises. Under the current plan, 10,000 MWAT tokens would buy a RED City Franchise, 100,000 MWAT tokens would purchase a RED Regional Franchise, a RED Country Franchise would cost one million MWAT Tokens, and a RED Master Franchise would cost 10 million MegaWatt Tokens.

More information about Restart Energy is available at its website:

The Restart Energy Whitepaper is available in PDF format here:

Full details of the RED MegaWatt Token Sale are available here: