Apple Pay Coming to Saudi Arabia, is Apple Pay Cash in Europe?

Interestingly, MADA is already supporting Google Pay, Asharq Al-Awsat claims. Saudi adoption of Apple Pay is important because Saudi Arabia will be the first large Middle Eastern country to adopt the service.

Markedly, Saudi Arabia will be the first large Islamic nation to adopt Apple Pay. Availability in Saudi Arabia is great advertising for Apple Pay because of all the Moslems that visit the kingdom for the Haj every year.

Statista estimates that 2.4 million Haj pilgrims visited Mecca in 2018. Consequently, Saudi Arabia is a great place to launch Apple Pay in the Moslem world.

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Apple Pay might be available in Warzone but not on Toronto Streetcars

Even though Apple Pay might be available on battlefields in Ukraine, it cannot be used by streetcar and subway riders in Canada’s largest city. The Metrolinx transit agency in Toronto might accept Apple Pay in a few years, The Toronto Star reported.

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Apple Pay Cash goes International or Does it?

It is not clear what countries Apple Pay Cash will go to next, but the United Kingdom is a likely possibility – because it is right next door to Ireland.
Members of the European Union such as France, Italy, and Germany, are also a strong possibility because Ireland and Spain are both members of the Eurozone.

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Apple Pay Cash Rolls Out at Last

Apple’s offering is too little and possibly too late. Amusingly, America’s tech journalists hailed Apple’s addition of an eight-year-old technology to Apple Pay and iMessages as a “major development.” Business Insider even called it a “Venmo Killer.”

The first version of PayPal’s (NASDAQ: PYPL) Venmo was released back in 2009; eight years ago. Apple is not behind the curve here, it seems to be stuck in the last decade. Nor is it just Venmo, that has beaten Apple to the punch; Square’s (NYSE: SQ) Square Cash has been on the market since 2013.

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Is Apple Really the Top Payment App? The numbers tell a different story

An even greater threat to Apple Pay is waiting in the wings in the form of Tez, a QR-code based payment app from Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG); the company popularly known as Google. Tez is currently only available in India; where it already has around five million users, aFaqs! reported. That’s chump change compared to India’s largest payment app Paytm which has over five million users. Tez is less than two months old, but its growth rate should scare Tim Cook to death.

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Android Pay Adds International Remittances

WorldRemit might become a major player in the remittance and finance business because it has raised $148 million in venture capital. The next logical step for WorldRemit will be to launch its own digital wallet.

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“Venmo” for Apple Pay is Coming

Apple is trying to clone Venmo for two big reasons. The first is that users of Apple Pay’s biggest competitor; Alphabet’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) Android Pay, can access PayPal accounts through that app. That means it might soon be possible use Venmo to send money via Android Pay.

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JPMorgan Chase: Will It Dominate Digital Wallets?

The monster bank’s real secret weapon could be automatic teller machines (ATMs). News reports indicate that Chase is developing a card-less ATM that is supposed to work with digital wallets like Chase Pay. The advantage to this is obvious: It allows digital wallet users to get cash.

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