Is Basic Income the Solution to Illegal Immigration?

A basic income for Central America might be cheaper than detaining and deporting illegal immigrants. It would also be cheaper than Border Security measures like President Trump’s Wall.

It U.S. taxpayers $10,854 to deport an illegal immigrant in 2016, CNN Money reported. Immigration and Customers Enforcement (ICE) spent $3.2 billion identifying, arresting, detaining, and removing illegal immigrants in 2016 – before President Trump’s crackdown.

These figures do not cover the cost of President Donald J. Trump’s (R-New York) ridiculous border wall. The official cost of the Wall has been projected at $21.6 billion but some opponents have estimated the price at $66.9 billion, Time reported. Even without the Wall, the United States has spent $263 billion on border security since 1986, The American Immigration Council estimated.

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