Cash and Credit Cards are dying and the Fed is Clueless

What will take to force the Fed to crack down on payment apps? The theft of hundreds of millions of dollars from average Americans through a security breach in Apple or Google Pay?

Contrary to popular belief, money can be created without a government mandate. Any medium of exchange that citizens accept can function as money and create all the problems that money can such as inflation.

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PayPal and the Future of Payments

PayPal might be shut out of markets by central banks like the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), or find itself competing with banks like the Federal Reserve. Something to remember is the paper money was developed by private banks and appropriated by central banks. The appropriation of electronic payments networks by central banks is beginning in countries like China and India, and it is likely to spread around the world.

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PayPal keeps growing like Crazy

Those revenue figures demonstrate that PayPal is capable of sustained organic growth. They also show us that its business is capable of long term growth. What’s more impressive is that revenue growth is occurring without Amazon’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) help.

Most people know that you cannot use PayPal on Amazon, but Dan Schulman has been trying to change that. The PayPal CEO told Bloomberg Technology he is in conversations with Amazon but would not reveal details.

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