Some Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2018

The biggest cryptocurrency event in 2018 will be the appearance of a government-issued cryptocurrency or a government ICO. There are plans for government ICOs in Venezuela and Estonia.

The Estonian effort is the most serious right now, but specifics on it are light. The Estonian ICO would have major effects because the Baltic Nation is part of the European Union and the Eurozone.

Expect the Ethereum Coin Price to shoot up if Estonia releases a cryptocurrency and the EU doesn’t try to kill it. There will be major speculative bubbles around both Ether and Estcoin if there is an Estonian ICO.

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What can De La Rue Teach us about ICOS?

Despite that opportunity, De La Rue is a lousy stock that investors should stay away from because it makes little money. Those seeking to cash in on ICOs should take a hard look at De La Rue it proves that there is little profit from currency creation.

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Meet Einsteinium the Cryptocurrency designed to save Science and Reform Taxation

The mining tax is potentially revolutionary because it gives governments a means of profiting from cryptocurrency. Nations with cheap electricity can levy such a tax on mining operations, or pools. Then deposit the proceeds in a wealth fund or the national treasury. Value investors should consider buying national and taxable cryptocurrencies – because they have a lot of potential for growth.

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Creator of AML BitCoin in Talks with Estonian and Slovenian Governments on Blockchain Projects

“Because of its AML/KYC (anti-money laundering/know your customer) features, AML BitCoin is the digital currency that is most able to engage in mainstream commerce, taking its place among traditional payment options,” said Andrade.

“AML BitCoin’s white label platform is unique,” Andrade said. “It relies on complex verification methods, such as patent-pending biometric digital identification, that other digital currencies and financial technology platforms do not have and have not yet developed.”

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Estonia Considering National Cryptocurrency

Korjus proposed that Estonia stage the first national ICO in a recent blog post.

“‘Estcoins’ could be managed by the Republic of Estonia, but accessed by anyone in the world through its e-Residency program and launched through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO),” Korjus wrote.

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