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Ford Motor (NYSE: F)


Ford Motor (NYSE: F) spending $11 billion on 16 Electric Vehicles

Like Volkswagen AG (OTC: VLKAY); and Toyota Motor (NYSE: TM), Ford Motor (NYSE: F) is hedging its bet on electric.
For example, Ford unveiled several impressive gasoline-powered vehicles at the Detroit Auto Show. Those models included the Mustang Bullitt (inspired by the 1968 Steve McQueen car chase movie), a 2019 Ranger, and the Edge ST.
In addition, Toyota is still investing heavily in hydrogen-fuel cell technology despite an electric push. For example, Toyota is marketing the fuel-cell powered Mirai sedan and testing two hydrogen-powered semi tractors at the Port of Los Angeles.

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Market Insanity

Tesla Mortgages Factory

These figures indicate that borrowing against the Freemont factory will not save Tesla. If the 5.3-million square foot facility is only worth $1.8 billion, Tesla will not be able to borrow more much more than that against it, and it has $10.76 billion in debt.

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Long Ideas

Are Automobiles still a Value Investment?

There is a simple reason why traditional automakers will dominate the future of ground transportation: they have a lot of cash. Even vehicle manufacturers in trouble have a lot of money in the bank.

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Market Wisdom

Stocks poised for Growth in 2017

The great thing is that there are many companies poised for growth in 2017. Investors that do their research and trust their guts should make money in the market in 2017, so Happy New Year!!

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A Low Cost Growth Portfolio

It is my belief that a few of these stocks can be used to create a low-cost growth portfolio that would be ideal for retirement or other long-term buy and hold purposes. These equities were chosen for their stability and durability, as well as their low price. Yet they have strong potential for growth, which is what makes them good buy and hold plays.

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Market Commentary

Ten Really Nice Dividend Stocks to add some Cash to Your Portfolio

Dividends are the icing on the cake, not the desert itself. There are plenty of horrendous companies out there that pay great dividends.

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Good StocksLong IdeasStocks

Ford’s Stock Looks Like an Incredible Value

Those looking to establish a large position in a value stock had better investigate Ford. It won’t stay cheap for long, but while it is, shrewd investors should be able to establish a large position and reap a nice profit for a very reasonable price.

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