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Is Fiat Chrysler a Value Investment?


Why is Fiat-Chrysler Merging with Peugeot?

An obvious reason for the merger is to give the PSA Group access to North American markets. PSA concentrates its operations in Europe. Another goal of the merger is to give PSA access to Chrysler, Ram, and Jeep’s popular pickup trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicl

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Is Fiat-Chrysler Making Money?

Jeep is planning to bring out a plug-in hybrid version of its iconic Wrangler in 2020, The Free Press reported. The Wrangler is the basic four-wheel-drive Jeep modeled on the iconic off-road vehicle that served America’s military in three wars.

The Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) alliance is vital to Chrysler’s future, because it provides access to autonomous vehicle technology, data, and expertise, without a lot of risks. Another alliance that Fiat Chrysler should seriously consider is one with Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) which has vast amounts of expertise in electric and autonomous vehicle technology.

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Will Pacifica Save Fiat Chrysler?

Instead it is rideshare drivers; those hardworking immigrants and unemployed factory workers who make their living through Uber and Lyft that will make Pacifica a hit. As I noted last year the Pacifica seems designed for ridesharing. Some of its basic features include:

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Will Minivans Save Fiat-Chrysler?

Minivans are more of a contrarian investment than you might think because they are the perfect vehicle for use in the ride-sharing business. A Chrysler Pacifica or Dodge City Master Pro; particularly one equipped with a diesel, electric or hybrid engine, would be the perfect Uber car. It can seat several passengers, it is stylish and there is plenty of room for luggage for the airport run.

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Fiat Chrysler fights to Survive

Despite this I would say that Fiat Chrysler is not a value investment because it looks like a weak company sustained by some very strong brands. Dodge and Jeep in particular have great reputations in the US.

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