MasterCard and the Relentless Growth of Electronic Payments

The number of cards outside the United States is particularly good news for MasterCard investors because the company generates around 69% of its revenues from international markets. More importantly, MasterCard experienced double-digit growth in those markets in 2016.

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Some Cool Things you can do with a Falling Dollar

American patriots might cringe at this collapse of the greenback, but there are many positive side effects. Shrewd investors can make a lot of money and have a lot of fun with a falling dollar.

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New App and Visa lets users use Bitcoin, Ethereum and DASH at stores and ATMs

Shakepay offers users chip and pin plastic Visa debit cards and a virtual Visa card for online payments. The card and app will convert Bitcoin, Ether and DASH (formerly Darkcoin) into US dollars or Euros, Shake’s website indicates.

The Shakepay App is available for Android right now but not for Apple. Obviously it should be possible to use Shakepay Visas via Android Pay and Apple Pay, which take Visa credit cards.

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