Is Dash (DASH) a Good Speculative Cryptocurrency?

Taylor claimed 200 Venezuelan merchants a month are signing up to use DASH in their businesses. The merchants obviously want to avoid the crazy economic policies of their President Nicholas Maduro.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has forecast a one million percent hyperinflation rate for Venezuela in 2018. Venezuelans are desperate to protect their assets from hyperinflation and Maduro’s scheme to convert their fiat currency into an oil- and gold-backed cryptocurrency.

It is possible to buy digital products with Dash (DASH) including gift cards, games, and products from a wide variety of web stores. The gift cards are why people in Venezuela are interested in DASH.

Today, DASH is an open-sourced peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency that operates upon a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The DASH DAO comprises a network of 4,942 masternodes the Masternodes are entities that transmit DASH through the blockchain.

The true purpose of DASH is to build an independent P2P payment system that operates through the blockchain. This system features its own mining pools and reaches numerous online merchants.

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Three Threats to Gold Miners

This is the biggest menace to gold mining and it is one that a lot of traditional investors cannot see coming. Altcoins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, NEO, and DASH serve as a hedge against inflation. Yet they are far easier to buy, sell and trade than gold.

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Some Cool Things you can do with a Falling Dollar

American patriots might cringe at this collapse of the greenback, but there are many positive side effects. Shrewd investors can make a lot of money and have a lot of fun with a falling dollar.

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Can Etsy Survive the Age of Amazon?

Etsy has proved it is incapable of making money and demonstrated that online companies can fall into a familiar retail trap.

The trap is the old one of ever-increasing sales that generate no real money. Dozens of retailers; ranging from Whole Foods to Rite Aid to, have fallen into over the years. The only way a company can profit from this trap is to sell itself to a larger retailer or private equity organization in search of market share or other resources.

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New Visa Debit Card will let you Convert Cryptocurrency into Real Money Instantly

The TenX Visa is supposed to convert eight cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum, ERC20 and Dash (the currency formerly known as Darkcoin). More currencies; presumably including Litecoin are coming according to the TenX website. It is not clear if there is any connection between TenX and China’s Tencent Holdings.

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Weird Investments that Might Pay Off

All of these investments are real risky and you’ll probably lose money but you never know. As Benjamin Graham liked to point out Mr. Market is completely insane and he often rewards off the wall investors while punishing conventional thinkers severely.

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