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Verizon (NYSE: VZ)

The Death Spiral

Can Comcast Survive 5G and Cord Cutting?

Strangely, there is a lot of good news for Comcast these days. For instance, Comcast added 181,000 wireless customers and 209,000 internet customers in 2nd Quarter 2019, Cord Cutters News claims. Plus, The Philadelphia Inquirer estimates Comcast added 375,000 broadband customers in 1st Quarter 2019.

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Is Yahoo! Japan planning to buy 40% of a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

It is not clear if either Softbank or Verizon is interested in cryptocurrency, although the Yahoo! Japan move might be their way of testing the altcoin waters. At least company BitMinutes is developing a utility token that can be used to buy airtime for mobile phones. Verizon might be considering developing its own token for smartphones.

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Should we Tax Data or Advertising to Fund Basic Income?

“We could hold Google and Facebook and all those big multinationals accountable; we could make sure that people; like those who are currently ‘voluntarily’ contributing their data to pump up companies’ profits are given something that is adequate to support their livelihoods in exchange,” Fuller said.

Fuller’s idea makes a lot of sense because most of those companies’ values come from the data they collect and disseminate. Figuring out how to charge a tax on that data will be difficult because much of its value is theoretical.

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Market Insanity

How can Netflix Survive?

The cash from financing raises some serious questions about some of the other numbers in Netflix’s second quarter earnings report which don’t add up. First there’s the income of $362.09 million; if Netflix lost $1.9 billion from its operations – where did that come from?

The cynic in me will say from borrowing, which means it is not income. Funds that you borrow have to be paid back or written off at some point. That goes doubly so for the kind of money Netflix is probably borrowing; namely corporate paper or private equity.

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Long Ideas

Is Verizon the Best Value in Telecoms?

Verizon is a company with a lot of cash and value. More importantly it has a far sighted management capable of far sighted moves to increase that value.

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Big News, Snapchat & Hulu change Digital Entertainment while Unions Back Republican

In a related move Hulu is planning to pull the plug on its free streaming service, Variety reported. Instead the service owned by a consortium of Time Warner (NYSE: TWX), The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS), Comcast and 21st Century Fox will only offer $7.99 and $11.99 monthly subscriptions.

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