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What Is The Next Big Cryptocurrency?

The success of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, is no longer news. They have already started shaking financial sector and many other industries.

What’s more, some of the oldest famous cryptocurrencies have advanced to such a level that, roughly speaking, they have given birth to new digital currencies. For example, a “fraction” of Bitcoin users were not satisfied with how it works and decided to create another, somewhat similar currency called Bitcoin Cash.

Even though it’s not as popular and valuable as the good old Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash has gained some considerable fan base and value.

The thing is, developers and analysts quickly realize any weak points a crypto might have and build an alternative platform, offering the public new and advanced features.

Could any of the top cryptocurrencies take over dominance from Bitcoin anytime soon?

This leads us to an interesting question – could any of the top cryptocurrencies take over dominance from Bitcoin anytime soon?

There are several factors that we need to consider in order to answer the question. We cannot discuss all of them here, but we should definitely note that total market cap is not the only criterion for evaluating how successful a cryptocurrency is. It is not even the most important one.

We know that cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain-powered platforms are all about future. Therefore, if we want to assess which of the currently most popular cryptos looks the most promising, we need to take a look at what it is built for and what it is supposed to bring us in the years to come.

For example, if the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to become a thing soon, and there are some indications that this will be the case, IOTA might become much more valuable and in demand than it is right now. Just imagine what would happen if suddenly everyone wanted to install the IoT system in their homes. They would need technology to power it, and perhaps there wouldn’t be a better choice than what the IOTA platform offers.

This was just one of the countless examples. If you wish to find out more, check out the infographic below and learn about the top 25 cryptocurrencies and the industries they are supposed to disrupt. Perhaps it could help you realize what is the next big cryptocurrency and invest in it.