New App and Visa lets users use Bitcoin, Ethereum and DASH at stores and ATMs

Shakepay offers users chip and pin plastic Visa debit cards and a virtual Visa card for online payments. The card and app will convert Bitcoin, Ether and DASH (formerly Darkcoin) into US dollars or Euros, Shake’s website indicates.

The Shakepay App is available for Android right now but not for Apple. Obviously it should be possible to use Shakepay Visas via Android Pay and Apple Pay, which take Visa credit cards.

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Should we buy NEO or be Afraid of it?

NEO might be far more than just a cryptocurrency. Smart investors would be well advised to buy it now, because the team behind NEO might have some important backers in high places – in Beijing.

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Five Things Investors Must Always Remember about Bubbles

The moral of the story is to stay away from bubbles but never read too much into them. Always remember that at the end of the day, a bubble is nothing but a bunch of fools wasting their money on an overpriced asset. A bubble is simply normal human behavior not necessarily a sign of the apocalypse.

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Five ways; Oops we Mean Ten Ways that Hyperloop can make a Lot of Money

As a next generation delivery mechanism and logistics solution for freight, packages and mail. Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd has described his company’s technology as “Amazon Prime on steroids.” That means Hyperloop would supercharge ecommerce by greatly increasing its’ speed and efficiency, while tremendously reducing costs. For example costs might be cut up to 90% by eliminating the need for air freight while speed might be increased by a factor of 50% (Hyperloop currently moves at speeds of nearly 300 miles per and might be capable of traveling at 700 miles per hour).

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Airbnb sets a Dangerous Precedent that Threatens Free Speech

All who care about liberty, law and human rights need to pay close attention to Airbnb’s actions. The short-term rental company is demonstrating how modern technology can become a grave threat to freedom itself.

Notice that political belief is not included in Airbnb’s statement. It sounds as if Airbnb hosts are free to deny rooms to anybody traveling for political reasons. Under those rules it perfectly okay to deny a room to a union organizer, a pro-life activist, a pro-choice activist, an animal rights activist, a socialist, a civil rights activist, a peace activist, an environmentalist, a representative of the National Rifle Association, a member of the Flat Earth Society, or a person in town for a Democratic or Republican Party event.

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Did Uber Lease Unsafe Vehicles to Drivers?

One wonders if Uber will be able to find a leader before it collapses and gets sold. A major problem Uber faces is to find a CEO with both tech; and auto industry, experience. Barra would have been the logical choice, but it makes no sense for her to join Uber. After all she has a great job turning around a much bigger company.

A more likely outcome would be for Barra to buy Uber and fold it into GM, which would drive Silicon Valley geeks crazy. Once again Uber’s survival as a viable independent company is called into question; as its status as the world’s most valuable unicorn?

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Capital One Keeps Growing

Another opportunity for Capital One investors is all the hysteria about banking being doomed.

The truth is that retail banking is doomed but banking has a long future ahead of it and Capital One will be a big part of it. Capital One’s future is bright because of the extensive business it does on line. It might be in a better position to cash in on the growth of online banking and app-based payments.

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Is Microsoft the Best Value in Tech Stocks?

Microsoft just turned in a stellar earnings report for second quarter 2017 that contains such incredible numbers. Value investors had better take notice because Microsoft also demonstrated that it is one of the best money makers in the market today.

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Can Gold Miners Still Make Money?

One potential culprit for gold’s weak performance is cryptocurrencies. The altcoin market might be sucking up money that might normally be going to gold.

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