Homelessness is Killing People and Causing Epidemics

The outbreak was so serious that the city tried to move the homeless off the streets and into a “tent city,” arrested the homeless, and sprayed sidewalks with chemicals to prevent the spread of the disease, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported on November 13. Notice that the national media did not report on such an important story.

Like the FDR administration, the city of San Diego is claiming that “public safety” gives it the right to arrest people that refuse to report to a camp. Worse, the city is also claiming that it has the right to make simply being in town a crime.

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Venezuela’s Cryptocurrency shows us OPEC is dead

The Petro is described as a “cryptocurrency backed by reserves of Venezuelan wealth – of gold, oil, gas and diamonds.” The hope is to offer an alternative to Venezuela’s worthless currency the Bolivar and provide means of selling oil and borrowing money.

“The Petro digital currency would appear to be an extension of credit to the Venezuelan government (and) could, therefore, expose US persons to legal risk,” a U.S. Treasury press release stated. “(It) is another attempt to prop up the Maduro regime, while further looting the resources of the Venezuelan people.”

The Petro’s value will be based on commodity prices, so it will be far more vulnerable to market speculation than a traditional fiat currency like the Bolivar.

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All You Need To Know About Groupon

Groupon is far bigger than you think, it posted $18 billion in revenues in 2017. The digital coupon service also reached $1 billion in sales, Those sales included 2.355 million airline miles, 4.405 million hours of yoga, 59.238 million slices of pizza, and 679 million miles of sushi rolls. Therefore Groupon is now a very big business.

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Is Time Warner Making Money?

This is bad; Time Warner cannot monetize one of the biggest superhero franchises in the universe, while Disney can make money off of junk-pop culture properties. To add the nightmare, owning Fox would give Disney many more properties to exploit; including X-Men, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Deadpool, The Simpsons, and Planet of the Apes.

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Baby Boomer Die Off threatens Trump and Oprah

The generation gap might make Oprah for president a footnote in the history books.

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Can Walgreens Survive the Retail Apocalypse?

It is not supposed to be this way at Walgreens because gross profit, revenues, and operating income are growing at the company.

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Choosing a Bank for Your Financial Needs

Local banks are usually small in size and as such, it is easy to develop a personal relationship with the bank if you choose to work with them. The interest rates charged by such banks, however, are usually high as they may not have diversified their sources of income and the interest rates charged on loans could be their only source of income.

Large banks, on the other hand, have branches across the country and even internationally. Such banks have favourable rates for their loans and if this is what you are looking for in a bank, such banks are perfect for you.

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Is the Eastman Kodak Company Making Money?

Speculators might make some money by identifying low-cost companies with a stock that ICO promoters might target.
It is easy to see why Kodak is interested in ICOs and cryptocurrency mining. The company desperately needs all the money it can get.
The Eastman Kodak Company reported revenues of $379 million, a gross profit of $87 million, an operating loss of -$54 million, and a loss of -$46 million on September 30, 2017, Stockrow data indicates. The company also reported an operating cash flow of $3 million and a negative free cash flow of -$14 million on the same day.

The risks Kodak is taking here are vast because the plan is unproven. Cryptocurrency mining is a proven source of cash but the other ideas are new. Nobody knows if they are worth the risk.

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Google Joins in Media Promotion of Oprah Presidential Run

It looks as if Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) is manufacturing history to give an Oprah presidential run a boost.
Trying to portray a TV huckster like Oprah as the heir or moral equivalent to Dr. King is insulting on every level.
The January 15, 2018, Google Doodle gives us a preview of what an Oprah campaign would look like. That is low on substance; utterly lacking in truth, based on white guilt, and motivated by nostalgia, simplistic patriotism, and emotions.

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Telegram planning $500 Million ICO

Unlike most ICO companies, Telegram has an established business but it is not clear if that business makes any money.

The plan is for Telegram users to send money through TON, which would transform Telegram from a humble messaging app to a financial network. That would make it a sort of PayPal or Venmo for blockchain applications. It would also be perfect for international remittances, money immigrants send to folks back home.

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