The Death of Campbell’s Soup

An American icon is in big trouble Campbell’s Soup (NYSE: CPB) is in turmoil after sales fell by 7% during

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Ford Kills Sedans, Who wins Toyota or Tesla?

The death of sedans makes Ford one of the best value investments in the auto sector. The company that put Americans behind the wheel is still a great value investment for the 21st Century.

Elon would be well advised to end Model 3 production and redirect Tesla resources to the semi, the Model S, the Model X, the Roadster and his plans for a pickup truck and a large SUV.

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Starbucks is the most Popular Payment App in America

Mobile payment use in the United States is a growing at a rate of 14.5% a year and it should reach 55 million by the end of 2018, eMarketer estimated. Around 25% or in four American smartphone users will make a mobile payment sometime this year.

Those numbers are big but they are nothing compared to China where Ant Financial’s Alipay has 520 million users, and Tencent Holdings’ WeChat has one billion active users, Bloomberg reported. Those people spent $2.9 trillion in the two ecosystems in 2016.

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The Basic Income Cryptocurrency is here

This makes Swift Demand one of the most interesting and ambitious blockchain platforms yet seen. Its goal is to build an entirely new type of economy based on a new kind of currency.
A whitepaper describes Swift Demand as “a transactional currency that provides a basic income.” That makes Swift Demand a basic income experiment as well as a blockchain platform.

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The Dream Place! Meet Yumerium – A Blockchain Platform For Games

Meet Yumerium – A Blockchain Platform For Games

The idea behind this project is to create a token that is earned by players. Players can subsequently use the token to advance their play through in-game items and other incentives.

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Average American cannot afford to buy a Home in 25 States

The housing crisis is far worse than we have been led to believe – if this data is correct. If that was not scary enough, the data shows that most of the nation is now in a real estate bubble.

If How Much’s data is correct the American dream of universal home ownership is dead. Most Americans now live in areas where they cannot afford to buy the average home with an ordinary mortgage.
There were 31 states in which the income needed to buy a home exceeded the median household income, Simplepost calculated. That means there are 31 states in which the average resident cannot afford to buy the typical home.

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Is Kroger Losing Money?

Kroger also bought around 6% of the British online grocer Ocado, a press release indicates. Kroger and Ocado entered into a partnership and subscription agreement that will bring Ocado’s Smart’s Platform to the United States. That will give Kroger access to Ocado’s robotics and digital technology capabilities.

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Goldman Sachs plans Apple Pay Credit Card

An interesting goal for Apple would be the creation of a “financial App store” where a wide variety of solutions like Marcus would be available to consumers. Future solutions might include checking accounts, loans, insurance, investments, annuities, remittances, wire transfers, and investment advice from Goldman Sachs.

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Mohammed bin Rashid attends launch of DP World Cargospeed

Rob Lloyd, CEO of Virgin Hyperloop One, said: “Based on McKinsey’s assessment of our technology, Virgin Hyperloop One-enabled supply chains can dramatically impact business bottom lines by reducing both finished goods inventory and required warehouse space by 25%.”

“On-demand deliveries are a novelty today,” Branson noted. “Tomorrow it will be the expectation.”

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The Dangerous Stupidity of American Unilateralism

Beyond Congress, Trump’s predecessors and their enablers in the media need to be singled out. Unilateralism has been America’s foreign policy for the past 26 years since the end of the Cold War. We live in what might be called “The Age of Unilateralism.

Given present-day American political realities I imagine we will be stuck with the unilateralist foreign policy and the death toll it racks up for the foreseeable future.

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