Was Democratic Victory a Triumph for Trump?

These elections are problematic for Republicans because they indicate the Grand Old Party (GOP) cannot win without the name Trump on the ballot. They also indicate the number of Republicans who voted against Trump last year was tiny.

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Rich Democrat Angry at Attacks on Billionaires

“We should be a party of business and leadership,” Cloobeck said of Democrats. Cloobeck is the worst kind of centrist; he thinks the only good Democrat is “Republican Lite.” His party is one that President Grover Cleveland (D-New York) would be very comfortable in, but Harry S. Truman (D-Missouri) would hate.

Such class warfare might tear the Democratic Party apart much as it has already devastated the Republicans. It remains to be seen if the two-party system can survive income inequality in America. Can a country with one party for the rich; and another for everybody else, have an effective democracy or a status quo of permanent class warfare?

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GOP Facing Disaster on the West Coast

Trump’s performance in California was worse than that of William Howard Taft in 1912, Alf Landon in 1936, and Barry Goldwater in 1964. Those were three of the worst presidential losses in Republican history.

The obvious and bothersome lesson here is that the present-day Republican Party and its agenda are a tough sell to a majority of the population in a large swath of the country. What is even more troubling is that nobody at the GOP seems to have got the memo.

Republicans need to figure out what is going wrong on the West Coast before it gets repeated elsewhere. If they do not, the GOP might itself a hopelessly ineffective minority party, or taken over by outside forces its’ present leaders will hate.

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Kill the Filibuster something Trump and Progressives should agree on

The filibuster is the reason we do not have single-payer healthcare or greatly expanded Medicare right now.

Democrats wanted to implement a true national health insurance system instead of Obamacare, Franken wrote. They were unable to because they lacked 60 votes. Instead, they had to implement Obamacare; even though Democrats held 57 Senate seats back in 2010. Democrats had enough votes to create “Medicare for All” in 2010 – if there had been no filibuster.

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Trump is Clinton on Steroids, that’s good for Democrats

Donald J. Trump is simply a more extreme version of William Jefferson Clinton. Therefore Trumpism is nothing but Clintonism on steroids, which is very good for Democrats and bad for Republicans.

Clinton is a shallow self-serving opportunist with no real ideology or beliefs – like Trump. Clinton’s philosophy was one of doing whatever it took to win an election, just like Trump.

The damage from a few years of Trumpism is likely to be far greater because Trump is more corrupt, shallower, less ethical, less sophisticated, and less competent than Clinton was. Unlike Clinton; who merely played a racist on TV, Donald apparently really is a racist.

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Establishment Republicans Suppressing Trump Voters in Alabama

Voter suppression is now a threat to the freedom of all Americans regardless of race, religion, class, or color.
The real agenda here is clear: it is to keep anybody that questions or opposes the corporate power structure in modern America away from the polls.
It looks as if there is a deliberate plot to keep Trump supporters from voting in the next round of Republican primaries.

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A Simple Solution for Vote Fraud and Voter Suppression

The potential solution is so simple and straightforward it lends credence to allegations that the real purpose of the president’s commission is voter suppression. Even if the allegations of vote fraud were true, a national ID card is a logical solution.

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The Big Obamacare Lie and Trump’s Cynical Single-Payer Strategy

The most cynical and ruthless moderate Republican of all is President Donald J. Trump (R-New York). The real goal of his cannibalization of Obamacare is to force single-payer down Americans’ throats whether they want it or not.

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How Trump can Loose Congress for Republicans

Only 56% of self-described Trump supporters said they had a positive view of the Republican Party in September. That number was down from 76% in March.

Only 20% of rank and file Republicans approved of the performance of GOP leaders in Congress in September. That number was down from 39% in January.

Only 31% of Trump supporters said they back the Republican leadership in Congress.

Only 39% of all Republicans said they backed the party’s leadership in Congress.

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America’s Destructive Housing Crisis

The housing shortage is likely to become an issue that will reshape the political landscape. That’s already happened in the United Kingdom, where observers think far-left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will become Prime Minister in the near fut

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