How Obama enabled Hillary and Helped Trump

The former President gave Trump a tremendous assist by enabling Hillary R. Clinton’s (D-New York) unsuccessful and destructive presidential campaign. Unfortunately, almost nobody on either side of the aisle seems to be willing to call out Saint Barrack of Hawaii out for his role as an enabler in the Clinton fiasco.

The dictionary definition of an enabler is; “a person who encourages or enables negative or self-destructive behavior in another.” That is exactly the role Obama played in the fiasco known as Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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Paul Ryan Represents Everything that is wrong with Modern American Politics

The failure of Ryan should trouble us because the Speaker exemplifies many of the characteristics of modern American politics. Ryan shares those characteristics with many of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle; which explains why our politics are incredibly ineffective in an era of spectacular American achievements in other fields of endeavor such as technology, finance, entertainment, and business.

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Why Paul Ryan is leaving Congress

U.S. Speaker of the House Paul D. Ryan Jr. (R-Wisconsin) is retiring from Congress because of the 2018 Congressional election. Ryan’s departure represents a defeat the principled and idea-fashioned conservatism he embodied.
So what happens after Ryan leaves the Capitol? Nobody knows because both the Democrats and the Republicans in the House are completely leaderless. There is no obvious figure that can step up and take his place in either party.

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Bad News for Trump, Millennials about to Outnumber Baby Boomers

To add to Republicans’ woes Millennials are about to become the largest generation in the electorate, the Pew Research Center projected. All the 73 million Millennials, the youngest of whom were born in 1996, are old enough to vote.

This might be very problematic for Trump; who won 37% of the Millennial vote in 2016, The Brookings Institution reported. To make matters worse an unpopular lackluster Democrat; whom many Millennials despised, Hillary Clinton won 55% of that generation’s vote. Note these numbers are questionable because they cover only those under 29.

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China is Targeting Average Americans in Trade War

The hope in Beijing is to avoid a full-blown trade war and reward China’s friends in the United States with targeted tariffs. The tactic is new, interesting and unproven. It shows that the Chinese have a sophisticated knowledge of American politics and how they work.

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Centrism is Dead Get Used to It

Hillary killed centrism by running as a moderate and losing to a terrible candidate; Donald J. Trump (R-New York) a mushy centrist masquerading as a populist or conservative depending on which audience he was speaking to. Trump won by pandering to the Right and ignoring the Center and the Left.

Ultimately, Hillary failed because her people lacked the passion to get out and vote. Trump figured out how to mobilize portions of the population with a lot of passion.

Hillary did not lose because the Left lacks passion; she was defeated for failing to tap into the passion on the Left. One of Clinton’s greatest mistakes was to let U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) emerge as the passionate crusader candidate. This drew support away from her and to Sanders.

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Did Working Class Whites Really vote for Trump?

Whites without college degrees made the largest group of voters 44%.

Whites without college degrees make up around 33% or one-third of the likely Democratic voters, a March 20 Pew Research Center Poll concluded.

Whites without college degrees made up around 30% of the electorate.

Exit polls overestimated the number of whites without college degrees at 37%. This was probably because some whites without college degrees lied about having one.

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Good and Bad Basic Income

Something to remember is that a hungry man has every incentive to kill, pluck, and cook the goose that lays the golden eggs.
America is full of hungry people who are getting little or nothing from the current economic order.
They have no reason to preserve it, and every incentive to vote for extremists that would wreck our economy.

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Meet the first Basic Income/Luddite Presidential Candidate

Yang comes across as a kinder and gentler Generation X version of Trump.
Yang might be the breakout Democratic candidate of 2020. Even if he does not win, Yang is certainly in a position to disrupt the Democratic primaries and possibly knock out some serious mainstream contenders like former Vice President Joe Biden (D-Delaware) or U.S. Senators Kamal Harris (D-California) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York).
. Like Donald J. Trump, Andrew Yang is a sophisticated but improbable candidate that has a strong chance of reaching the White House.

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Media Coverage on Trump Affairs is both Troubling and Hypocritical

The most disturbing aspect of the media’s behavior can be summed up by one important yet simple question: “Where was this story during the election?” Notice that vital question is absent from all the media coverage of those affairs? Why?

The media’s coverage of Trump is utterly disgusting, and disturbing. First the self-proclaimed journalists deliberately ignored; and perhaps covered up, the man’s obvious character flaws in a way that was deceptive to voters.

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