Proportional Representation is the Solution for Gerrymandering

Holder’s National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) will fail because it ignores the real cause of gerrymandering: fear.

Parties and politicians gerrymander districts because they are afraid of becoming powerless. That fear is a very valid one in our winner-take-all political system – in which one party represents each district.

Groups like rural whites and African Americans correctly understand they will get little or no political power without gerrymandering. Under the present system, no gerrymandering would no representation for many Americans.

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The House of Representatives Does not represent the American People

The House is neither larger enough, nor diverse enough, to adequately represent modern America, data from the Pew Research Center indicates. The same data indicates that the House fails in performing its constitutionally-mandated job of representing the American people.

Today’s strict constructionist U.S. Supreme Court is likely to rule that the House has to grow to represent America leading to a new political crisis. Strict constructionists believe today’s government must follow the intent of the Founding Fathers in its actions.

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Trump Trade War will Benefit Only China

The real winner from the trade war will be China which will have a closer relationship with America than ever before. Trump seems to care more about getting a better trade deal from China than US alliances, Eurasia Future noted. That might set the stage for a future US China alliance that will run roughshod over weaker powers. Trump is only restrained from making more open moves towards Beijing by racist elements in the Republican Party.

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The Dangerous Stupidity of American Unilateralism

Beyond Congress, Trump’s predecessors and their enablers in the media need to be singled out. Unilateralism has been America’s foreign policy for the past 26 years since the end of the Cold War. We live in what might be called “The Age of Unilateralism.

Given present-day American political realities I imagine we will be stuck with the unilateralist foreign policy and the death toll it racks up for the foreseeable future.

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Polls Show Democrats Need to Change their Minds on Trade

The Pew numbers demonstrate that President Donald J. Trump’s (R-New York) trade policies are a minority position in America. Strangely enough, it is a minority composed of largely of Democrats.

Around 67% of Democrats said “free trade” was a bad thing, which is clearly a minority position. Only 26% of Democrats said “free trade” was a good thing which puts the party at odds with the majority position.

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Where do Republicans go After Trump?

It would be a return to the Republican Party of the 1950s, which was willing to live with high taxes and expanding government, as long as private property was protected. This scenario will win because it will attract the most votes.

The bottom line is that the Republican Party will have to change completely if it is to survive the Post-Trump World. That will happen and it will create a new Party that most present-day Republicans can live with but will not be very comfortable in.

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Democrats Jobs’ Guarantee is a Terrible Idea

America faces a future with fewer jobs, less money, less economic activity, and more income inequality. The “jobs guarantee” will do nothing to fix that situation because it ignores the problems, and might make things worse.

Agencies would end up paying people $15 an hour to paint rocks, wash vehicles by hand, rake leaves, pick-up litter, or sit at a desk and play League of Legends on the government computer. Many agencies might create up separate needless departments just to keep the guarantee employees from interfering with the actual work.

A likely side effect of the guarantee would be the creation of a large class of uneducated people with little or no initiative or independence, that are completely dependent on the government. Many individuals would end up stuck in dead-end guarantee jobs just to get health insurance.

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How Obama enabled Hillary and Helped Trump

The former President gave Trump a tremendous assist by enabling Hillary R. Clinton’s (D-New York) unsuccessful and destructive presidential campaign. Unfortunately, almost nobody on either side of the aisle seems to be willing to call out Saint Barrack of Hawaii out for his role as an enabler in the Clinton fiasco.

The dictionary definition of an enabler is; “a person who encourages or enables negative or self-destructive behavior in another.” That is exactly the role Obama played in the fiasco known as Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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Paul Ryan Represents Everything that is wrong with Modern American Politics

The failure of Ryan should trouble us because the Speaker exemplifies many of the characteristics of modern American politics. Ryan shares those characteristics with many of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle; which explains why our politics are incredibly ineffective in an era of spectacular American achievements in other fields of endeavor such as technology, finance, entertainment, and business.

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Why Paul Ryan is leaving Congress

U.S. Speaker of the House Paul D. Ryan Jr. (R-Wisconsin) is retiring from Congress because of the 2018 Congressional election. Ryan’s departure represents a defeat the principled and idea-fashioned conservatism he embodied.
So what happens after Ryan leaves the Capitol? Nobody knows because both the Democrats and the Republicans in the House are completely leaderless. There is no obvious figure that can step up and take his place in either party.

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