Push for Medicare for All Begins

A major push for single-payer health insurance has begun in the wake of the defeat of the Republicans’ Obamacare light health insurance proposal. Not surprisingly U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) is leading the charge for Medicare for All.

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Increasing Social Security would Boost the Economy and Ensure a Democratic Majority

Surprisingly increasing Social Security is not just great politics, it would also be a very good economic policy. Just imagine the increase in economic activity if 57 million Americans received a boost in income.

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Why America has no National Political Parties

The demographics indicate that deep divisions and political polarization will continue; because neither party is in a position to get a convincing majority for the foreseeable future. Instead we’re likely to see more hard fought elections, razor-thin margins of victory and red-hot political passions in the streets in the years ahead.

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The Heritage Foundation has made a Good Case for Single Payer Healthcare

The five top-scoring nations in the Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom; Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Switzerland and Australia, all have some form of single-payer health insurance. What’s more interesting is that countries with strong single payer systems are more likely to place higher on the Index than those that lack it.

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Five Odd Reasons why Trump Probably will not be impeached

Strangely enough the political climate that is making Trump’s impeachment a popular notion in some quarters makes it unlikely. The controversy swelling around the President might just be his best defense.

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Fewer Americans are working than 20 Years Ago

All this shows us that America may now face an unemployment crisis as great as that during the Great Depression. The difference is that little is being done about it except proposals for new tariffs and infrastructure.

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What Democrats Need to Learn from Donald Trump

Learn to fight dirty when necessary. Clinton was like a fighter trying to play by Marques of Queensberry rules in a Pier Six brawl. She got whipped by the street fighter for acting like a girl scout. Trump was willing to do what it took to win, and did by using loads of dirty tricks.

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French Presidential Candidate Backs Basic Income

“According to all serious studies, there are hundreds of thousands of unskilled or low-skilled jobs that are beginning to be destroyed in Western economies,” Hamon told La Monde. “We must manage this transition and make the most of this amazing opportunity that the digital revolution offers us to work less and live better.”

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The Open Sourced War against Trump Begins

The insurgency against Trump is far larger and far more widespread than the media or the political class realize.

The media and the political elite are grossly underestimating the size and depth of the anti-Trump insurgency.

The media; and the professional political class, are also underestimating the intensity and ferocity of the rage against Trump on the streets.

The media and political leaders are completely out of touch with popular opinion. Note: the same people who did not see the Trump phenomenon developing last year are not seeing the anti-Trump movement coming this year.

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Trump proves it is Time to Scrap the Electoral College

Contrary to popular belief it is the Electoral College; a body of unelected part-time officials, and not the American people – that elects the president. This is leading to a serious problem here in the United States that might create a constitutional crisis.

We now have a situation in which a large segment of the American public views the president as illegitimate and illegal.

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