What Democrats Need to Learn from Donald Trump

Learn to fight dirty when necessary. Clinton was like a fighter trying to play by Marques of Queensberry rules in a Pier Six brawl. She got whipped by the street fighter for acting like a girl scout. Trump was willing to do what it took to win, and did by using loads of dirty tricks.

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French Presidential Candidate Backs Basic Income

“According to all serious studies, there are hundreds of thousands of unskilled or low-skilled jobs that are beginning to be destroyed in Western economies,” Hamon told La Monde. “We must manage this transition and make the most of this amazing opportunity that the digital revolution offers us to work less and live better.”

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The Open Sourced War against Trump Begins

The insurgency against Trump is far larger and far more widespread than the media or the political class realize.

The media and the political elite are grossly underestimating the size and depth of the anti-Trump insurgency.

The media; and the professional political class, are also underestimating the intensity and ferocity of the rage against Trump on the streets.

The media and political leaders are completely out of touch with popular opinion. Note: the same people who did not see the Trump phenomenon developing last year are not seeing the anti-Trump movement coming this year.

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Trump proves it is Time to Scrap the Electoral College

Contrary to popular belief it is the Electoral College; a body of unelected part-time officials, and not the American people – that elects the president. This is leading to a serious problem here in the United States that might create a constitutional crisis.

We now have a situation in which a large segment of the American public views the president as illegitimate and illegal.

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13 Things Democrats should be Happy About

The future looks very bright for Democrats. The circumstances favor them if they cannot see. The big question we need to ask: is will Democrats have the brains and courage to capitalize on the opportunity history has presented them?

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Celebrities Declare War on Trump with Leftwing Tea Party

This is not a group of arrogant celebrities poising for the camera, it is a band of dedicated political warriors preparing to launch a brutal assault. When that assault comes it will be bloody and destructive, and many people on both sides will be hurt.

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The Retail Jobs Apocalypse Might Doom Trump’s Jobs Agenda

Sooner or later, Trump will have to face the retail-jobs apocalypse, particularly if he wants to get reelected. Although dealing with it might doom his administration, because it might expose just how ineffective his policies might be and how hollow his promises seem.

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Steps the Federal Government can take to alleviate the Housing Crisis

Some parts of the United States, such as California, are now facing a serious housing shortage that threatens the economy.
Economic growth in the Golden State will slow in coming years economists, at the University of California (UC) at Riverside and UCLA concluded. Job growth in California will slow to 1.7% in 2017 and 1.1% in 2018 largely because of high-housing costs; a report from UC Riverside forecast, California’s job creation rate was 2% in 2016.

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Why does Trump want Dr. Ben Carson in the Cabinet?

The presence of Dr. Ben Carson indicates that the Trump White House might be a very interesting place. Pundits and reporters will enjoy the political melodrama but the American people will not be very amused by it.

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