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Aitheon is proud to announce its token listing on LATOKEN

KIEV, UKRAINE, June 6, 2019 / Aitheon’s Ethereum-based utility token (ACU) will be listed on the LATOKEN exchange on June 10, 2019.  LATOKEN is a top-20 exchange in terms of daily trade volume and currently exceeds $950 mln.  Aitheon’s team is preparing to make special announcements through its internal channels to keep token holders advised and updated on the listing process.

This listing comes less than two weeks of Aitheon’s Open House in Mysore, India scheduled for Friday, June 21.  Visitors are invited to join the celebration of Aitheon’s new office space and will also get a sneak preview of the company’s advanced robotics factory, which will be capable of producing up to 11,000 robots per month.  “We are inviting everyone to share in the excitement,” said Aitheon CEO Andrew Archer.  

This new addition, combined with Aitheon’s steadily growing platform of nearly 25,000 users to date, highlights Aitheon’s continued dedication to simplify the world through AI, Robotics and human symbiosis, and proof of Aitheon’s passion in creating a digital ecosystem.

Meet the Digibots

The idea behind Aitheon is to automate business processes using AI and robotics.  When robots run into the problems, they can learn from human experience with Aitheon’s help. Humans will work alongside AI-based intelligent digital agents known as “Digibots”.

Digibots are digital representations of robots that can automatically perform a wide variety of tasks.  Such robots would analyze cash flow and management of project-related costs. Other examples include Project, Task and Item Manager digibots, as well as a messenger service robot.

Digibots will make AI and robotic technology, which has been restricted until recently to large corporations, accessible to small business. The workers will earn with the ACU token, and individuals can mine ACU when they perform tasks on the Aitheon platform.

About Aitheon

Aitheon is one of the few blockchain platforms that is catching the attention of both technology enthusiasts and government institutions alike. Aitheon is committed to using developments in AI and robotics to handle the menial back-end processes of modern firms, creating jobs for humans as Specialists teaching AI when it fails.

Aitheon Pilots will teach robots how to do physical tasks, and Aitheon Creators using Creators Studio will develop new robots and AI on the Aitheon Platform. Aitheon believes these solutions will create space for people to rely more on their judgment and creativity to do meaningful work and delegate brute labor and mundane tasks to machines.

Aitheon has gathered a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, experts in IT, robotics, and machine learning who believe in the symbiotic nature of robotics and people. The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy has stated that their type of initiative could cause a “bottom-up renaissance of American manufacturing.”

Media contact:  [email protected]

Persons who are interested in Aitheon’s blockchain can learn more about the company’s plans on Aitheon’s website and social media.