Aitheon Plans Kids Contest

QTUM Heroes is a collaborative effort of Mob Arts and blockchain provider Qtum (QTUM). It is designed to be the first of many games Mob Arts and partners, Qtum, Tencent Games, Garena, and Nexon (TYO: 3659) plan to distribute through 777.Bingo.

Mob Arts’ next and far more ambitious game designed for cryptocurrency payments; Doom of Aliens is scheduled for launch on 5 May 2018. Unlike QTUM Heroes, Doom of Aliens is a multiplayer strategy game that will offer single-payer communication and instant fights for players all over the world.

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Aitheon Plans some Big New Partnerships

Executives from the World Bank discussed the use of Aitheon’s AIC ERC20 protocol token as a payment solution. Aitheon executives visited the World Bank in Washington but did not reveal details of the discussions.

Aitheon is also discussing integrating the Aitheon Platform with the many business and accounting solutions offered by SAP (NYSE: SAP). An Aitheon press release did not say what use SAP will make of the AIC token or the platform.

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Is NVIDIA the Perfect Value Investment for the 21st Century?

Gamers’ pain is NVIDIA stockholders’ gain; the manufacturer is making lots of money off the cryptocurrency bubble.

The company’s year-to-year net income grew by 54.61% to $838 million during 4th quarter 2017, Google Finance reported. During the same quarter, the year-to-year operating income grew by 40.60% to $814 million and year-to-year revenues grew by 31.54% to $2.64 billion.

NVIDIA stands to profit big time from robots, self-driving vehicles, industrial equipment, and other machines operated by blockchain-based solutions.

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Will Amazon Go Kill Supermarkets, Costco, and Walmart?

An intriguing possibility is that automated stores might be more competitive because they will offer a higher level of customer service. By freeing the cashiers up to help customers, many grocery stores might be able to offer a Nordstrom (NYSE: JWN) level of customer service at Walmart price. That will be the real game changer.

If history is anything to go by, Amazon Go is likely to be superseded by semi-automated stores. Nor is Amazon necessarily the company to take automated stores mainstream.

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Revolutionary Blockchain Platform Aitheon Contracted by Ride-Sharing Concept CarSmartt to Build Driver-less Delivery Vehicle Fleet

“CarSmartt is very excited to partner with Aitheon as they have a unique platform and can help us expand and improve our service.  We will be responsible for the package orders and deliveries, while Aitheon will equip our fleet of cars with their driverless technologies.  We plan to operate these cars around the clock,” said Vito Mattia Visconti, COO, and co-founder of CarSmartt.

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AI and Humans will run Robots on New Blockchain

“We need to find that middle ground where humans enjoy working with robots,” Archer said. He calls that middle ground “symbiosis” and believes that Aitheon’s blockchain platform can achieve it.

The Aitheon platform would enable people to become “pilots” remote robot operators that work through the blockchain.
The pilots would guide robots to perform tasks too complex for programs or AI to perform. Aitheon pilots would be able to operate robots all over the world. A major task of the pilots would be operating or overseeing the operation of autonomous vehicles.

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