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Market Mad House had its Best Week Ever

Market Mad House had its best week ever; between May 9 and May 16, site stats provided by Word Press indicate. The blog achieved an all-high number of views; 7,994 for that period.

That figure was more than three times the viewership for the week before; which was 2,676 views. The spike in views appears to be the start of a long term trend; the site received 3,674 views for the week of May 16 to May 23.

These numbers allowed Market Mad House’s all time viewer number to rise to 112,561. The site had attracted 18,257 views for May 2016 as of May 27, 2016, making for its best month ever. That was a substantial increase over April 2016, when the blog attracted 10,534 views.

It was also well in excess of the previous best month; March 2016, when Market Mad House attracted 12,352 views. The year to year increase in viewership was also impressive, in May 2015 Market Mad House attracted 2,794 views. In contrast, the blog attracted 2,529 views on its best day ever; May 12, 2016.


Success on Seeking Alpha

Nor was this the only metric of success that Market Mad House and its’ creator; Daniel G. Jennings, achieved. As of May 27, 2016, Jennings had attracted 367 followers on Seeking Alpha. He had also posted 154 articles and 107 instablogs on the popular stock website.

Jennings’ most popular article on Seeking Alpha; Is America Facing Another Real Estate? received 8,698 web page views at the site. Another article; Is Bank America Doomed or a Value Investment, received 6,595 web page views and 8,077 mobile page views. Jennings’ articles received 23 comments on May 27, 2016.

Google Numbers Indicate Dramatic Increase in Audience

The increase in views was verified by increased earnings from Google Ad Words. On May 27, 2016, Ad Words reported that revenue from desktops had increased by 40.6%, revenue from tablets had increased by 485.7% and revenue from high-end mobile devices had increased by 1,950% for Market Mad House.

The number of page views at the site increased by 56.1% in the 28 days that ended on May 27, 2016, Ad Words data indicated. Ad Words estimated the number of page views as 7,065; an increase of 2,450 over the previous 28 days when the site attracted 4,525 views.

The top country was the United States with 5,076 page views and 5,138 impressions, an increase of 71.8% in active view viewable with an impression RPM (rate per minute) of $1.55 and a page RPM of $1.57.

The second best country was Canada with 461 page views and 470 impressions. That generated a page RPM rate of $5.18 and an impression RPM rate of $5.08. This marked an 82% increase in the active view viewable. Also delivering was France with a 68.92% increase in active view viewable, a $7.92 impression RPM and an $8.13 page RPM.


The total figure for page views was 7,065; and the total number of impressions 7,151 for the 28 days ending on May 27, 2016. That made for a total page RPM of $1.66, a total impression RMP of $1.64 and an active view viewable rate of 71.8%.

As you can see the potential audience for posts and advertisements at Market Mad House is growing dramatically. Opportunities for guest posting are available. To learn about them please contact the blogmaster at [email protected].