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Revolutionary Blockchain Platform Aitheon Contracted by Ride-Sharing Concept CarSmartt to Build Driver-less Delivery Vehicle Fleet

January 26, 2018   Las Vegas, Nevada – Artificial Intelligence leader Aitheon is partnering with CarSmartt, a one-of-a-kind ride-sharing app and package delivery service connecting drivers and riders across the United States.


The alliance will allow Aitheon and CarSmartt to test and launch a package delivery service that will use a fleet of blockchain-operated, driverless vehicles controlled by artificial intelligence (AI).  In the months ahead, the partnership will roll out domestically in Las Vegas, Nevada, followed by Miami, Florida, then internationally in Italy.


Aitheon’s technology platform will guide the driverless cars to the delivery location.  Upon arrival, users will be notified via text with the location of the parked vehicle.   When users arrive at the vehicle to receive their package, their identification will be verified, the car will unlock and they can retrieve the package.

“CarSmartt is very excited to partner with Aitheon as they have a unique platform and can help us expand and improve our service.  We will be responsible for the package orders and deliveries, while Aitheon will equip our fleet of cars with their driverless technologies.  We plan to operate these cars around the clock,” said Vito Mattia Visconti, COO, and co-founder of CarSmartt.


This partnership is an example of how Aitheon continues to empower evolving industries and create a new market for jobs that integrate humans and robots.  Aitheon demonstrates how humans can co-exist with robots to generate profound abundance.


“We are currently starting the integration process of the CarSmartt application into our platform to implement the driverless package delivery service.  We hope to complete this phase in about 4 months and move to testing the vehicles and the service in the summer and fall of this year,” said Andrew Archer, the founder, and CEO of Aitheon.

Andrew Archer at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami on 18 January 2018. Courtesy Aitheon

Aitheon’s backend platform is being applied to many industries including, but not limited to auto, retail, and hospitality.  Last week, Aitheon showcased its driverless Jeep, along with other unique AI-powered products at the North American Blockchain Conference in Miami.  As the headliner and first speaker, Archer demonstrated how Aitheon will accomplish its mission to simplify business processes through AI, robotic, and human symbiosis.


Aitheon is driving innovation through partnerships with industry leaders such as Quanergy, the leading provider of solid-state LIDAR sensors and smart sensing solutions, and NVIDIA Driveworks, a leader in advanced automotive technologies.  Through the interaction of robots and humans, these relationships will not only positively impact economic growth but create jobs in emerging industries.

Aitheon is planning an ICO, and its token presale is currently running through January 31, 2018, with a 50% discount on AIC tokens.   The regular ICO will begin March 1, 2018.  People interested in the ICO may purchase tokens on the Aitheon website at


About Aitheon

Aitheon is a digital ecosystem with goals to simplify business processes through AI, robotic, and human symbiosis.  Aitheon offers a number of unique, innovative digital solutions, including integrative robots (Mech-Bots and electronic devices) and virtual robots, known as Digibots.


Aitheon’s network employs remote professionals in assisting proprietary AI algorithms to complete diverse business functions.  The ecosystem also has community-driven voting blocks that allow users to guide development and the future of the company.

Founded by Andrew Archer, a serial entrepreneur with a focus in Artificial Intelligence, Aitheon is a fast-growing company that employs a team of seasoned specialists in the fields of Autonomous Solutions, IT, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.


Andrew Archer has been described as a creator of disruptive technologies through innovative means on a recent TED Talk. The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy further stated that “with more entrepreneurs like Andrew we could see a bottom-up renaissance of American manufacturing.”


About Carsmartt

CarSmartt is the first carpooling application in the U.S. aiming at making long-distance travel safe and affordable while saving resources and connecting people along the way.


Featuring both mobile and web applications, CarSmartt has a mission of connecting drivers with the world’s travelers and turn journeys into social experiences. By putting its app users first, CarSmartt hopes to not only create long-term value but also accomplish its mission and financial goals for the business.

The CarSmartt carpooling application’s strongest feature is to develop into a lifestyle that millennials adopt as an alternative to choosing a car in planning their journeys. CarSmartt believes that it will eventually enable members to connect on a global scale.  In addition to carpooling, the company offers P2P solutions for delivering packages by cars.


Through the app, people will be able to deliver small, medium and large-size packages at a minimum cost and maximum safety.  CarSmartt already operates in Italy, Colombia, Mexico and in the United States.

For more information, please visit or download the app at