Arrivo’s Car-Carrying Hyperloop is a Dumb Idea

If all the Arrivo system can carry is cars, why does anybody want it? Sadly enough BamBrogan’s scheme only magnifies those dilemmas. Working people would probably end up paying additional taxes in order to finance the upper class’s newest play toy. Yet they would still be stuck in traffic on a congested freeway, praying their battered old crudbucket does not break down while watching the executive’s new BMW whiz by on the High-Speed Super Urban Network.

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Hyperloop One founder launches Own Company

BamBrogan did not say if he had hired anybody else or raised any venture capital. Arrivo is far behind Hyperloop One which had raised $50 million and was planning to raise $160 million in October. Hyperloop One has already identified potential routes and is planning a full scale test of its technology in April.

Arrivo is also lagging between Hyperloop Transportation Technologies or HTT which is planning to create a research and development center in France. News reports indicate that the crowd-sourced HTT has raised around $35 million and gotten land rights in a number of locations.

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