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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche


Historical Insanity

Where will Future Wars Start?

Our modern world is full of trouble spots that could be the starting points for future wars. Frighteningly, few journalists, pundits, and politicians are paying attention to these conflict zones.

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The Death Spiral

Can CenturyLink Make Money?

Additionally, CenturyLink is a cash rich-company that had $1.693 billion in cash and short-term investments on 31 December 2019. Moreover, CenturyLink claimed to have total assets of $64.742 billion on the same day.

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Crazy Stocks

A Low-Cost Hyperloop Stock: AECOM

There is a way an average person can invest in Hyperloop without putting hard-earned money into risky propositions like the

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Hyperloop One founder launches Own Company

BamBrogan did not say if he had hired anybody else or raised any venture capital. Arrivo is far behind Hyperloop One which had raised $50 million and was planning to raise $160 million in October. Hyperloop One has already identified potential routes and is planning a full scale test of its technology in April.

Arrivo is also lagging between Hyperloop Transportation Technologies or HTT which is planning to create a research and development center in France. News reports indicate that the crowd-sourced HTT has raised around $35 million and gotten land rights in a number of locations.

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A Hyperloop Investment that you can Make Right Now: AECOM

AECOM was hired by Musk himself to build the Hyperloop test track at his SpaceX rocket company in Hawthorne, California, The Verge reported. That track will be used to test the winning pods from Musk’s Hyperloop pod design contest.

To add icing to the cake; news reports indicate that AECOM will build the test track for Hyperloop One at the Apex Industrial Park in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Long Ideas

Hyperloop Testing Begins, SpaceX Plans Contest and Test Track

Hyperloop Technologies Inc., or Hyperloop Tech, is building the first full-scale Hyperloop tube demonstration project in the parking lot of an abandoned truck garage in downtown LA’s seedy Arts District.

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You Missed It

Musk’s Game Changing Hyperloop Is Closer to Reality

If it gets built, the Hyperloop could be very profitable, if railroad revenues are anything to go by: Union Pacific’s TTM revenue increased by nearly $2 billion between September 2013 and September 2014.

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