Hyperloop One Receives $50 million in Venture Capital

Hyperloop One is apparently in desperate straits, the unicorn nearly laid off 300 employees because it was close to running out of cash, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Hyperloop One Founder accused of Rape and Sexual Harassment

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Hyperloop One founder launches Own Company

BamBrogan did not say if he had hired anybody else or raised any venture capital. Arrivo is far behind Hyperloop One which had raised $50 million and was planning to raise $160 million in October. Hyperloop One has already identified potential routes and is planning a full scale test of its technology in April.

Arrivo is also lagging between Hyperloop Transportation Technologies or HTT which is planning to create a research and development center in France. News reports indicate that the crowd-sourced HTT has raised around $35 million and gotten land rights in a number of locations.

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Five Ways you can invest in Hyperloop

An interesting investment would be to buy buildings, land or old houses in older cities that might be connected to population centers like New York via Hyperloop. A great example of such a city is Pueblo, Colorado, a decaying steel town full of old houses that is just 114 miles south of one of the nation’s most expensive markets; Denver.

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Will Insane Lawsuit Threaten Hyperloop’s Future?

The suit threatens Hyperloop One because it was brought by one of the company’s founders; Brogan BamBrogan, and three top managers. BamBrogan was the company’s first CEO and chief technology officer, who resigned last month. He was also the brains behind much of the organization’s technology.

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Will Hyperloop and Electric Cars mean the End of the Line for Oil?

The oil industry will survive the coming of Hyperloop and electric cars; but it will look nothing like the one we have known. Instead it will be smaller and only a few companies in it will make money. Smart investors will stay out of oil for the foreseeable future, unless they are looking for something to short.

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California High Speed Rail Delayed Again

Hyperloop might be the only thing that could save California’s dream of high speed rail from becoming a bureaucratic boondoggle and a national embarrassment. That could be the ultimate irony, because Musk originally proposed Hyperloop as an alternative to CHRSA. The billionaire was so disgusted by the slow speed and high cost of the original CHRSA rail proposals he devised an alternative.

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A Hyperloop Investment that you can Make Right Now: AECOM

AECOM was hired by Musk himself to build the Hyperloop test track at his SpaceX rocket company in Hawthorne, California, The Verge reported. That track will be used to test the winning pods from Musk’s Hyperloop pod design contest.

To add icing to the cake; news reports indicate that AECOM will build the test track for Hyperloop One at the Apex Industrial Park in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Lloyd: Hyperloop Could Be up and Running by 2020

Pishevar thinks Hyperloop will have its Kitty Hawk moment next year. Kitty Hawk refers to the tiny town on North Carolina’s outer banks where Orville and Wilbur Wright first successfully tested their airplane.

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First Hyperloop could be built in Persian Gulf, not the USA

Diamandis claims he could build a working hyperloop system that could travel the 90 miles between Abu Dhabi and Dubai in just 14.94 minutes. He told an audience at a CEO forum that he could have the system up and running in five years, Tech Insider reported.

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