Is Bancor (BNT) making Money from Liquidity?

The Bancor Network claimed to offer $353.77 million in Total Liquidity and have a trading volume of $40.84 million on 13 June 2022. Bancor claimed to earn $177,070 in fees in the 24 hours ending on 13 June 2022. They claimed 75.83% of Bancor were staked through the Bancor Network on 13 June 2022.

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Liquidity is Cryptocurrency’s Killer App at Bancor

The goal at Bancor is to make cryptocurrencies liquid by making conversion of one cryptocurrency to another fast. The plan is for the Bancor Network Token (BNT) to provide liquidity by giving users access to Bancor’s Liquidity network.

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Bancor’s Unified Wallet takes both EOS & Ethereum Tokens

In fact, Bancor (BNT) claims its new Unified Wallet can manage over 500 ERC20 and EOS tokens across over 9,700 pairs in a single click. Moreover, Bancor’s Medium claims you can perform conversions on any mobile or desktop device with the Unified Wallet.

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Is Bancor (BNT) the Best Infrastructure Token?

Therefore, the Bancor (BNT) token could be an attempt to get people to exchange other currencies for cryptocurrencies. In addition, the Bancor (BNT) could be an effort to force Keynesian economics on the world.

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Bancor Expands to EOS with BancorX

Purported advantages to Bancor on EOS include: one second transactions, no-transaction fees, and no Ethereum gas-fees. If it works, Bancor on EOS could eliminate 10 second transaction times, gas fees, and transaction fees of up to $50 all of which are common on Ethereum.

Bancor on EOS is already working with over a dozen Cryptocurrencies. Altcoins utilizing BancorX and Bancor on EOS include:

Horus Pay (HORUS)
HiveVibes (HVT)
OracleChain (OCT)
Chance (CET)
Bancor (BNT)
eosBack (BLACK)

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How an Emerging Markets Currency Crisis will Cause Coin Prices to Explode

A fast-moving emerging markets crisis can greatly increase demand for cryptocurrencies. Altcoin prices could shoot up as residents of crisis nations seek safe havens for their money.

Cryptocurrency is the easiest and fastest way for Argentines, Turks, Venezuelans, and others to move their money out of country. All a person needs to convert funds to altcoins is a credit card and an internet connection. Anybody can download a digital wallet, and buy cryptocurrency in a few seconds.

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Is the Dai Cryptocurrency a Good Investment?

The big difference between Dai; and solutions like Ripple (XRP), is that it uses a decentralized platform to peg the cryptocurrency price to the dollar. The key to Dai’s stability is a special smart contract called a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP).

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These Cryptocurrencies might benefit from Legalized Sports Betting in the USA

Sports betting can be big business in the United States; The New York Times estimated the value of illegal sport wagers in the USA at $150 billion a year. The potential market for such betting is huge; there were 57.4 million fantasy-sports players in North America in 2016, according to an Ipsos Public Affairs poll commissioned by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

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