CBS is dying while Netflix is Booming

The suspicion that nobody besides aging Baby Boomers is watching network TV is being provided correct. CBS also has serious problems because it had one only hit; The Amazing Race, and only one scripted show that experienced a ratings increase in the under 50 demographic Mom.

The ratings indicate that CBS is no longer capable of sustaining an audience. Investors will have to ask if CBS is sustainable or viable business. The ratings indicate it might not be.

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Is CBS Making Money?

Acquiring CBS makes a lot of sense for the Everything Store. Owning CBS would give Amazon; a library of full popular shows, the TV and video rights to the Star Trek franchise, a news department, production facilities including a studio in Los Angeles, a sports department, and the right to show NFL games on Amazon Prime. Trump would hate that because it will probably end CBS’s gentle treatment of him.

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Will Falling NFL Ratings Destroy CBS?

It looks as if two entire generations; the 18-35 year-old Millennials and the 35-50 year-old Generation Xers, are tuning out network TV; or at least CBS. One has to wonder how long the company can survive with older viewers dying off, and younger couch potatoes tuning out.

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