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The Death Spiral

Will Falling NFL Ratings Destroy CBS?

It looks as if two entire generations; the 18-35 year-old Millennials and the 35-50 year-old Generation Xers, are tuning out network TV; or at least CBS. One has to wonder how long the company can survive with older viewers dying off, and younger couch potatoes tuning out.

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CBS’s Surprising Success, in Spite of Sagging Ratings

The revenue growth is impressive, because the network has been struggling with some serious drops in ratings. Every scripted CBS series; that was renewed from the 2014-2015 to 2015-2016 season suffered a serious decline in ratings, data from TV Series Finale indicates.

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Alphabet’s Incredible Growth

Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) is now so profitable; and so successful, that it has become very boring. Every quarter the company turns in a great earnings report – that looks much like the last one. Despite this redundancy, Google’s financial numbers are well worth reading. It is possible to learn a lot from those numbers because they are so good.

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Will the Presidential Election Help Broadcasters Survive?

The year 2016 might go down as the most expensive presidential election in history and the last year in which broadcasters saw their advertising revenues grow.

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