How Netflix, Amazon, PayPal and Apple sell time

Thus, Jeff Bezos’ actual genius is not in retail or discounting but in saving time. Consequently, Amazon Prime offers one stop shopping, delivery, music, and streaming video.

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How Much Money is Netflix Making?

Censorship is not the only threat to Netflix. There could be serious limits to Netflix’s subscriber growth.

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An Alternative to the FAANG

Thus you could buy over four shares of NAMPOF for the cost of one unit of FAANG. To elaborate, $876.46 multiplied by four is $3,543.80. Meanwhile the combined cost of FAANG was $3,779.46 on 13 September 2019.

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Netflix Lost Subscribers is it losing Money?

Moreover, Netflix still had 60.1 million US subscribers and 6.56 million free trial customers in America. Consequently, Netflix is still America’s largest TV network. In contrast, America’s most popular broadcast television network CBS (NYSE: CBS) had 2.98 million viewers on 18 July 2019, Deadline estimates.

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Is Electronic Arts making money?

Furthermore, Apex Legends audience also exceeds that of broadcast television. Impressively, Endgadget estimates 25 million people played Apex Legends in its first live week. In contrast, the most popular US broadcast show; CBS’s Big Bang Theory, had 12.886 million viewers on the week of 8 April 2019, TV Series Finale calculates.

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Is CBS (CBS) the Future of Television?

First, CBS is an old-fashioned broadcast network with a historic brand that is declining fast. Second CBS is a digital video streaming service CBS All Access with 2.5 million viewers.

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NAMPOF an Alternative to Fang Stocks

You can think the NAMPOF of as a FANG for value investors. Holdings in NAMPOF are more diversified than FANG and some of them generate dividend income.

It diversifies NAMPOF because NVIDIA and Apple are hardware makers and PayPal is in finance. FANG scares me because it is almost all software based. Something I dislike about FANG is the lack of a financial stock.

Containing six stocks further diversifies. Four NAMPOF stocks; Apple, NVIDIA, Oracle, and Microsoft, are proven moneymakers.

I consider PayPal and Facebook speculative because they base their businesses on growth. However, both companies have showed the capability to generate vast amounts of cash.

I designed the NAMPOF to offer a little more than safety and income than FANG at a comparable rate of growth.

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CBS is dying while Netflix is Booming

The suspicion that nobody besides aging Baby Boomers is watching network TV is being provided correct. CBS also has serious problems because it had one only hit; The Amazing Race, and only one scripted show that experienced a ratings increase in the under 50 demographic Mom.

The ratings indicate that CBS is no longer capable of sustaining an audience. Investors will have to ask if CBS is sustainable or viable business. The ratings indicate it might not be.

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Can Netflix Survive in the Age of Disney?

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) is facing a very tough and dramatic battle for survival. Its biggest content supplier; the Walt Disney

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Is the WWE really making money?

That makes WWE a pretty good metric for other traditional entertainment companies that are trying to transition to digital-content providers. We might be seeing the future of companies as diverse as TV networks like CBS (NYSE: CBS) and movie studios like Lionsgate Entertainment Group (NYSE: LGF.A) at WWE.

The advantages of this business model are that the WWE can generate cash flow without having to pander to advertisers.

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